Easter Skiing Special: Dressing children for the slopes

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If you are heading away on a family Easter skiing trip or planning to venture to the slopes next season for the first time with littles ones, we have some top tips for making sure that you are both stylish and practical on the piste.

This year, the impressive snowfall in Austria has encouraged people to book a last-minute trip to make the most of the spring conditions and for those thinking ahead to the 2024/2025 skiing season, Lech is a destination to consider visiting.

With a ski school in both Lech and Oberlech, as well as a very popular toboggan run, there is plenty for children to enjoy and it makes for an excellent family-friendly destination.

Here are our top tips for dressing the smaller members of the family for the slopes…

Ski jackets and trousers over all-in-one suits

While all-in-one suits may sound like a good idea for making sure that children stay warm and they don’t get any midriff chill, they are not always that practical when little ones need to stop for a loo break. For this reason, we recommend opting for separates when you are heading to the slopes.

Mountain Warehouse has a fantastic range of ski jackets and trousers and the collection is updated every year. The jackets vary in thickness, meaning you can pick a lighter version for warmer Easter skiing. Equally, you can layer underneath on the colder days, which is useful when dressing children for skiing.

Bright tops and dark bottoms

We love the colourful range of ski jackets that are available from Mountain Warehouse to help your children stand out on the slopes; however, when it comes to bottoms, we like to favour darker colours. This is mainly because they contrast well with the snow. It is also less problematic should a spot of ketchup go stray during your lunchtime stop off!

For extra warmth you can wear a pair of tights or leggings underneath… and don’t forget to pack some ski socks so that the children stay as comfortable as possible in their ski boots.

dressing children for skiing - we like jackets and trousers, rather than all-in-one options

Mittens over gloves

Depending on the age of your child, mittens seem to work better than gloves. Older children can manage gloves more easily, but when it comes to taking smaller children on a skiing trip, trying to fit each little finger into the right place can take a lot of time and effort.

Meanwhile, mittens are very easy to put on and also really practical, especially considering that beginner skiers won’t be using poles.

Snow boots are essential when dressing children for skiing

When the children are skiing, they will be in ski boots, which are best to hire from the resort. That said, there is usually a lot of other time that is spent off the slopes.

Whether you are enjoying wintery walks through the resort, dining outside or tackling a fun taboggan run, it is really important to have sturdy, but comfortable snow boots. When dressing children for skiing, we are particularly mindful of the grip on the bottom of the boot because the conditions can get slippery, especially as the spring sunshine starts to melt the top layer of snow.

dressing children for skiing

Protect little eyes

Sunglasses or googles are a vital accessory when you are surrounded by the bright white snowy mountains. It is really important to protect eyes from the glare, but on the days when the sun doesn’t come out, Goggles may prove better for vision.

Our dressing children for skiing photoshoot was shot on location in Oberlech. You can shop the looks from our editorial photoshoot here:

Girls ski jacket: Honey Kids Ski Jacket

Boys ski jacket: Raptor Kids Snow Jacket | Mountain Warehouse GB

Kids snow boots: Ohio Kids Adaptive Snow Boots

Kids ski pants: Raptor Kids Snow Pants | Mountain Warehouse GB and Falcon Extreme Kids Waterproof Ski Pants | Mountain Warehouse GB

Words: LT; Photography and Videography: SB & G; Models: MH and RH


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