Sloaney Lifestyle: Anyone for a glass of champagne?

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The Sloaney is excited to introduce readers to a truly fabulous new accessory. No, we are not talking about the latest Birkin bag or Jimmy Choo heels to hit the shelves; believe it or not, we have uncovered something even better.

This accessory is timeless and there is no risk of overdoing it as a fashion statement because it’s incredibly discreet. This exclusive item also reflects an air of sophistication that is apt for the modern woman.

Drum roll please as we introduce the pass to ‘Champagne for Life’.

Champagne for Life

Available as a sleek business card or iPhone App, those in possession of this luxury accessory can enjoy a complementary glass of champagne at a number of prestigious venues around the world…for life!

Simply flash the card on arrival and you will be presented with a perfectly poured flute of bubbles. Can you think of a better way to start an evening? We certainly can’t; all hail Champagne for Life.

Champagne for Life is available for £500 and on purchase you will also be given a complementary card for a friend.  For more information, please click here
Blackberry App is also due to be released soon. 

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