Drink your way to a bikini body with beauty’in

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Whilst waiting for this summer to actually arrive, I have been prepping myself by looking towards the Brazilians, who always seem to know how to achieve the most incredible beach body. In doing this, I have discovered a Brazilian best-selling beauty secret that is good for both health and wellbeing: beauty’in.

Brazilian entrepreneur and beauty expert Christina Arcangeli has created a formula based on the principle, ‘You are what you drink’. Alimetics denotes both the dietary and cosmetic properties of her beauty’in product line, which combines the best scientific expertise with the worlds of food, nutrition, and cosmetics.

I stocked up on the beauty’in product beautydrink® and kept them to hand alongside a healthy diet and workout regime. The beautydrink® bottle has a unique  – not to mention award-winning- technology which keeps the active ingredients separate from the water until you are ready to drink it, ensuring you are getting a fresh blast of 100% of the vitamins and minerals. Simply twist and push down the cap to release the ingredients into the water, give it a shake and indulge in the delicious, refreshing drink.

beautydrink® helps you drink yourself gorgeous

beautydrink® helps you drink yourself gorgeous

The drinks come in eight delicious flavours and formulations; four of which are designed for beauty including an anti-ageing infusion with hibiscus, grape and acai, and another that helps strengthen hair and nails containing lychee and white tea (my favourite!). The remaining four target wellbeing, including a detox blend and another to boost your focus. beautydrink® contain no sugars, trans fats, are free from preservative and contain just 12 calories per bottle.

Beauty’in boasts the most indulgent product line, including beautytea®, beautybar® and beautycandy®. The line is available exclusively at Selfridges.

You can find out more by visiting the website here:

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