Bride-to-be Diary: Eat and Exercise your Way to a Perfect Body

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By Natasha Eddery

How to Eat Yourself Clean and Lean

You often hear about a number of brides crash dieting and even undergoing cosmetic surgery to look perfect for their big day. Personally, neither of the above sounded appealing to me, but with my big day on the horizon I did want to make some changes, particularly to my diet. A very good friend suggested I try James Duigan’s Clean and Lean Diet. Thankfully, it is less about dieting and more about eating your way to a healthy, lean and light body.

The Australian nutritionist, who has helped the likes of Elle McPherson get into shape, encourages clients to steer clear of diets where people choose ‘low fat’ foods. James believes that by undergoing crash diets, where you constantly count calories and ban certain food groups, your body just becomes toxic, making it harder to lose weight and keep it off, too.

James Duigan created a Clean and Lean Diet

James Duigan created a Clean and Lean Diet

His approach doesn’t involve anything drastic and after reading his insightful book you will think very differently about food. I followed his 14-day Clean and Lean Kickstart and it was remarkably easy to stick to. The meals he suggests, such as grilled salmon steak with sautéed kale, cabbage and red peppers, are delicious and the snack foods, including chopped vegetables with hummus or a handful of your favorite nuts, will keep you full and stop your mind thinking about sweet treats.

One great thing about the 14-day plan is that you won’t feel tired and irritable or bloated and sluggish. Just a week into the diet, I started to feel energized and soon unwanted fat started to shed. I also love that there really aren’t any strict rules in this diet, you can even drink coffee and once a week you can eat whatever you want, something James calls ‘the cheat meal’.  I have now been following the clean and lean mentality for five months and I haven’t looked back; it is life changing.

If you really want commit your body and mind to being truly healthy, visit James’s Bodyism gym at the Bulgari Hotel in Knightsbridge, London.

The Clean and Lean Diet is available to buy on Amazon or download to your Kindle or iBooks. Or, for more information visit


Get Hot in Zaggora

For a little extra help to shift unwanted pounds I also recommend Zaggora. This new and exciting sportswear brand has been specially designed to help you burn extra calories by using your natural body heat.

Ex-banker Dessi Bell created the hot technology motivated sportswear when she was struggling to lose weight for her wedding day. The revolutionary range includes the Capri Pants, designed to target cellulite and burn fat, and the Hot Tops and Blazers, both of which neutralize odor and target upper body fat cells.

In the run up to my wedding, I decided to trial Zaggora’s HotWear. I instantly loved the Hot Top and the Blazer, but the pants didn’t look too appealing. The fabric reminded me of a wet suit, so naturally I thought they would be uncomfortable. But looks can be deceiving; the Hot Pants are incredibly light, flexible and create a slimming silhouette, much like the Top and Blazer. Most importantly, they each increase your body temperature and really make you sweat. Thankfully, you won’t be aware just how much you are perspiring until you finish your workout. Part of the beauty of Zaggora is comfort; it is just like working out in any other sports gear, only your getting the added benefits of increased weight loss.

Zaggora HotWear

Zaggora HotWear

Studies have shown that exercising in Zaggora HotWear over a four-week period will increase weight loss and help you to become more energy efficient. Personally, after a few weeks of running in the sportswear, I started to feel lean and toned, especially around my bottom half; this is one brand I will be using indefinitely.

To make your workout truly complete, Zaggora has also created Motion Lotion and Szelt Melt. Pre workout, you should apply Szelt Melt; a refreshing body contour gel, which works in harmony with the sportswear. The gel contains caffeine and menthol that penetrates deep into the skin to break down fat cells and encourage tissue drainage. It will also increase dermal circulation and collagen production.

For post-workout you can apply Motion Lotion. This hydrating and firming body moisturizer, like the Szelt Melt, attacks fat cells and will leave your skin feeling fresh and smooth after a grueling workout.

Zaggora can be purchased online, but the range is also available to buy in store at the Kings Road Sports Club, Chelsea, and Selfridges. For more information, visit