4 Easy Ways to Incorporate Luxury into Your Master Bedroom

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The bedroom is somewhere we spend a large amount of our time, whether it be for sleeping, getting ready, or just winding down and reading a good book. As such, it is important to create a space where we feel comfortable and which sparks joy.

Incorporating luxury into our bedrooms does not necessarily require a full makeover or the hiring of a high-end interior designer. In fact, extravagant bedrooms can be created simply by making good purchase choices and following several simple design tips.

Here, we discuss four easy ways to give the master bedroom a luxury spruce-up.

  1. Make a statement

A couple of well-placed statement pieces are a great way to add luxury style to the home without going over-the-top and re-designing the entire space. Items like an oversized headboard, a large-scale art piece, or a velvet chaise lounge, are all fantastic ideas which can create a strong impact with minimal effort required.

Not only do statement items look great, but they also create an eye-catching focal point for the room.

  • Dramatic lighting

Although lighting might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you are thinking of how to make your bedroom more luxurious, the truth is, lighting plays a significant role in interior design.

Low-cost, shabby lighting can make a room feel dark and dreary – not exactly a place where we’d want to spend a large proportion of our time! On the other hand, high-quality lighting, coupled with plenty of natural sunlight from the windows, ensures a room is bright and airy, which also has the ability to make it appear more spacious.

When choosing your lighting, nothing screams traditional luxury like an intricate chandelier, adding a sophisticated air of glamour to an otherwise dull bedroom. However, chandeliers are, understandably, not for everyone. If you are looking for something more modern and less grandiose, gorgeous high-end floor lamps, dramatic hanging lights, or concealed bedroom lighting might be better alternatives.

  • Invest in quality

Designer furnishings certainly don’t come cheap, but what they can do is withstand the test of time. Any first-class interior designer will, therefore, recommend investing in quality pieces, such as durable furniture and superior textiles, which tend to retain their value and look fantastic years down the line.

Most importantly, a comfortable king-sized bed is a must-have and can bring a luxury hotel atmosphere to any bedroom. If there is space underneath, it can also offer sensible storage options for bedrooms which are on the smaller side. 

  • Keep it simple

If there is one thing all luxury-style bedrooms have in common, it’s that they keep the saying “less is more” firmly in mind. Purchasing too many pieces or overdoing it on the prints, textures and colours can make a room feel disorganised and cluttered, as opposed to upscale and chic.

As such, be sure to only collect pieces that are necessary and fit in with the interior style of the bedroom. In terms of colour palette, neutral tones work best for luxury, contemporary interiors. On the other hand, wooden materials and rustic colours suit classic styles.