TheSloaney launch Great Gatsby-inspired footwear in time for Glastonbury Festival

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Following the release of The Great Gatsby, 1920s gangster chic has soared in popularity. To make the most of this trend, has introduced their latest spats-inspired boots.  The natural rubber ankle boots are the perfect footwear for those venturing to this year’s Glastonbury festival, or any other summer festivals for that matter. 

Don;t miss our reader discount on the Welly Shop 's rubber spats

Don’t miss our reader discount on the Welly Shop ‘s rubber spats

The rubber spats are available in a number of different colours and you can view the full range here. Even if you are not venturing to a festival this summer, we think these vintage style wellies will be great for walking your dog and those long strolls through the countryside.

We are excited to offer an exclusive discount for readers of The Sloaney. Visit and enter WDIAZ586 at the checkout to get 10% off your spats.

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