It’s hat time of year!

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With the British Summer Social Season just around the corner, there are plenty of opportunities on the horizon to don a fabulous hat or fascinator.

Finding the perfect headpiece always seems to be a bit of a dilemma. So, here at The Sloaney, we want to make things as easy as possible for our readers. Not only have we been searching high and low to find the best milliners and the hottest creations for SS14, but we have also compiled a list of essential pointers to make sure you turn heads for all the right reasons…

Hat hunting tips:

Pick your hat before your outfit

Some people say that you should plan your entire outfit before finding a hat to match. Well, this is a fatal mistake. Your headpiece is the focal point of your outfit and it is much easier to pick a striking creation and match it to a simpler outfit, than attempt to find a hat and match it to your dress, shoes, cardi, bag, shawl etc!

Make a statement 

Be brave! Embrace the opportunity to wear a hat and look for something really special. Don’t shy away from making a bold statement.

Match your colouring 

Pick a flattering colour scheme that suits your skin tone and your hair colour as everyone will be looking in this direction.

Wear hair up

If you select a hat rather than a headpiece, it is best to wear your hair up because otherwise it will look very untidy. In fact, it is probably best to wear hair half up and half down even if you opt for a fascinator as this creates a really elegant finish.

No novelty hats

Avoid novelty hats at all costs! There is no need to dress like a Quality Street to attract attention.

Go big 

If you have a larger than average head then make the most of it! Larger heads can carry incredible statement hats. However, those on the petite side are better off looking for a delicate fascinator that won’t swamp their face.

The perfect fit

Make sure your headpiece fits, is secure and that you can see easily. There is nothing more annoying than having to fiddle with it or hold onto it in a gust of wind.

The Duchess of Cambridge is a fan of headpieces

The Duchess of Cambridge is a fan of headpieces

Where to find the perfect hat:

Rosie Olivia Millinery

Rosie Olivia Millinery is a favourite among the royals and has created pieces for the likes of Princess Beatrice and Pippa Middleton. This summer, the designer has partnered with michaeljohn to help ladies find a dream hat and also ensure that your hair, make-up and manicure are all perfectly balanced at the same time.

Rosie Olivia is partnering with Michael John

Rosie Olivia is partnering with Michael John

The Hat Club

We discovered this gem last year when we filmed the summer collection for Sloaney TV. Located near Putney, The Hat Club was set up by two former Racing Post journalists and allows you to hire some incredible creations. There is also a collection service at events such as Royal Ascot so you don’t have the responsibility of looking after your hat during the after party!

The Hat Club has a brilliant selection of hats to hire

The Hat Club has a brilliant selection of hats to hire

Zara Carpenter

One of our readers kindly pointed out Zara Carpenter’s wonderful creations to us on Twitter. These pieces are very unique and some also include playful touches. We are particularly fond of the Orchid fascinator, which is presented in a vibrant shade of purple.

The Orchid Headpiece by Zara Carpenter

The Orchid Headpiece by Zara Carpenter

Happy hat hunting everyone! 🙂