The refined St James’s Hotel and Club offers a delicious Gluten-Free Afternoon Tea Menu

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A Gluten Free diet and Afternoon Tea do not typically go hand in hand; that is until now. If you long to enjoy the cakes, scones and sandwiches that feature in such a traditional dining experience, the plush St James’s Hotel and Club has answered your prayers by launching a Gluten Free Afternoon Tea Menu.

Located in an exclusive part of London and tucked away from the hustle and bustle of nearby Mayfair, this venue is favoured by film stars and the social elite seeking a sophisticated place to unwind. The impressive building oozes class and comprises a number of luxurious guest rooms, alongside the dining areas and private rooftop terrace.

The Gluten Free Afternoon Tea Menu can be served in the lounge area or the bar. If you chose to sit in the latter, a table by the large windows that overlook the streets is recommended. For those celebrating a special occasion, a glass of Champagne Jacquart is the ideal way to begin your leisurely dining experience, before choosing from a delicious range of Jing Tea. The Silver Needle White Tea and the Organic Dragon Well Green Tea are popular choices and both will complement your meal.

The Gluten Free Afternoon Tea boasts an array of delicious treats

The Gluten Free Afternoon Tea boasts an array of delicious treats

The Afternoon Tea begins with a delicious selection of freshly made sandwiches that have been created using gluten-free bread. The texture of the sandwiches is particularly satisfying and almost replicates the feel of biting into a cake, but with a savoury taste. Homemade gluten-free scones follow and these are served with a generous portion of strawberry jam and clotted cream.

Although both the sandwiches and scones are delicious, the concluding selection of gluten-free pastries is certainly a highlight of the menu. The macaroon is presented with fresh raspberries that are delicately positioned as a filling and this sweet treat melts in your mouth. The mini almond and apple cake is also scrumptious and leaves a wonderful aftertaste. A rather rich chocolate mousse desert, lemon drizzle cake and seasonal berry slice complete the selection.

Even if you are not ‘Gluten Free’, we recommend trying this venue for Afternoon Tea as it boasts a quintessentially British feel, where refined guests relax in a peaceful atmosphere.

Gluten Free Afternoon Tea, £19 per person; Gluten Free Afternoon Tea with Champagne Jacquart, Brut, £34 per person; Champagne Jacquart Rose, £37 per person. Prior reservations are essential. To book, please telephone: +44 207 316 1615 or e-mail 

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