Create your own Jo Malone wedding scent

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By The Sloaney Bride

I remember watching the live television broadcast of the Royal Wedding and being completely captivated by the whole occasion. From start to finish, it seemed to be a magical day for many and not least the bride. It was a fairytale wedding and while it would be impossible to replicate many aspects of one of the world’s most famous events, there is one element that all brides can enjoy.

Rumours were rife in the likes of Vogue magazine and other fashion publications that the Duchess of Cambridge had chosen to scent her big day with her favourite Jo Malone candles. The brand, which even before such chatter began was known to be one of the most well-loved fragrance suppliers in the country, is absolutely ideal for such an occasion.

Jo Malone offers beautiful scents for your wedding day

Jo Malone offers beautiful scents for your wedding day

One of the main reasons that we embrace perfumes so willingly is that a scent evokes a certain mood and also plays a key part in memories. A fragrance can remind you of a person, a special event, a season or even a particular country. So why not create one that will forever be synonymous with your wedding day.

Aside from being able to match your favourite notes from a selection of Jo Malone products in order to create your ultimate scent, the occasion itself will also become a highlight during your wedding planning schedule. I mean who wouldn’t want to visit the upmarket Sloane Street boutique that is home to one of Britain’s favourite brands for a complimentary wedding consultation?

Jo Malone

Jo Malone offer complimentary wedding consultations

I took my mother and wanted the experience to form one of the more enjoyable parts of wedding planning. My last article talked about the stress that you encounter as a bride and while organising such a huge event can take its toll, there are also parts of the planning stage that should be very pleasurable. This was certainly the case when we organised a Jo Malone wedding consultation.

As soon as we stepped through the door of the newly refurbished boutique, we were whisked into a world of exquisite scents and surrounded by that gorgeous packaging. We were greeted by one of the brand experts and given an introduction into some of the most popular scents for the current wedding season.  Needless to say, the Lime Basil and Mandarin products are extremely fashionable, along with the Orange Blossom, which is often part of a bridal bouquet as it symbolises good fortune and happiness together.

Jo Malone Bridal Lace Bottle

The Jo Malone Bridal Lace Bottle is a special touch

However, you can mix and match the key fragrances to create your own special combination. So rather than opting for one key scent, you can layer products by using a different moisturiser base to the finishing scent and when combined it creates a delicate and distinctive aroma. During the wedding consultation, I paired a few different scents and ended up choosing a combination that will suit the style of my wedding, as well as the flowers. It is also possible to scent the entire room or marquee by using a combination of candles and special room spray for the linen. Even if your particular choice is not available as a homeware fragrance, many brides spray the normal cologne on the linen to create the same effect.

Jo Malone also have a bespoke Lace Bottle for brides, which is an excellent way to mark the special occasion. Even when you run out, you will always have the beautiful bottle to remind you of your wedding day.

The consultation is definitely an occasion that should be in every bride’s pre-wedding schedule. It is certainly worth investing in a signature scent for your future husband and guests to enjoy on the big day. It will forever remind them of the event and also gives a sophisticated (and regal!) finishing touch.

The ‘Scent Your Wedding’ consultation is available at Jo Malone’s flagship boutique on Sloane Street. For more information about key bridal products take a look at