A Moment for You: Ease your wedding stress

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By The Sloaney Bride

To be honest, I never thought that I would get stressed in the build up to my wedding day. I am a relatively calm person and ever since my beau proposed I have wanted the preparation to be nothing but fun and filled with excitement. With an engagement lasting nearly a year, I definitely thought I had more than enough time to organise it all with ease and no stress at all. How wrong could I be!

Organising a wedding when you have a million other things to do at the same time is probably one of the hardest things to do, especially when you want creative control and have not employed a wedding planner or support team to assist. For me, there is something wonderful about organising the occasion with just your family and closest friends helping. However, as many have warned before, it is not stress free and even though we are well ahead of schedule with the plans thanks to a ‘super-mother’ and other key helpers, I have barely found any time for myself.

A Moment for Yourself with Jo Malone

A Moment for Yourself with Jo Malone

With this in mind, I couldn’t have stumbled across the latest Jo Malone collection, which champions ‘A moment for you’, at a better time. Despite being flat out with organising the tiniest details for the big day in my spare time, worrying about ridiculous scenarios and having nightmares about everything from my wedding dress falling apart to the flowers dying, as a bride, I am expected to look as though I have been holidaying for the last year when I arrive at the church! Dry skin, tired puffy eyes, dull hair and telltale signs of comfort eating are an absolute no no!

With time still on my side before my big day, I was relieved to read about the Jo Malone London Bath and Body Collection that is launching in July. Not only is it perfect for prepping skin for the upcoming summer months, but it is the ideal way to relax during the chaotic build up to such a big event. Among the new products that will be added to the range include the Geranium & Walnut Body Scrub, which is gentle enough for frequent use. The Lime Basil and Mandarin products are some of my favourite from Jo Malone and as soon as you smell the beautiful scents of each ingredient you will feel wrapped in a little cocoon of luxury. The latest addition to the range will be the Suede Shower Oil, which will envelope your skin with silky softness.

However, there is one product that every bride needs and that is the Jo Malone London Bridal Lace Bottle Collection. Available in a new bespoke Lace Bottle, you can choose your signature scent then select a lace pattern to create an exquisite piece to treasure.

Jo Malone Bridal Collection

Jo Malone Bridal Collection

Jo Malone has such incredible heritage and this is a brand the completely understands the value of having some time to yourself – and making that moment a wonderful moment! Jo Malone products are almost like that cuddly toy you used to hold onto for dear life when you were a little girl and in the build up to your big day, you definitely need this adult version to soothe your nerves.

Apart from taking a moment to yourself, here are my other tips for keeping your stress levels to a minimum in the build up to your wedding day:

Have a regular fitness plan

All brides feel the pressure of having to look fit, healthy and radiant on their big day. I entered a half marathon race with some of my wedding party. It has helped keep me on track with exercise and is also a bit of fun with friends.

Eat well

Do not starve yourself as you will find you become even more fractious than normal. Don’t alter your food intake hugely but rather try to be more healthy than normal and balance this with a good amount of exercise.

Plenty of hot baths

With Jo Malone on hand to help with making bath time a very luxurious experience, you should make the most of this time to yourself. It will also help with making sure that your skin stays in tip-top shape.

Cut down on your nights out

There will be so many people that you want to see before walking down the aisle, but meeting for coffee or lunch is probably the best alternative. Late nights out on the town will only stress you out even more as you will find it hard to stay on top of the organisation side of things with a hangover!

Listen to positivity

You may find that some people fuss about small details or create problems. Try to shut this out in the build up. Only listen to those who are offering to help you, keen to ease any potential problems and those who want to make sure that you are coping ok. It is a day for you and your new husband and people close to you won’t want it to be about anything else.

Lean on your friends

Your friends are there to help and will probably have swamped you already with offers to assist in the build up to the big day. They won’t mind if you have a teary moment and stress is better out that in. Your Maid of Honour in particular will be ready to deal with any ‘bridezilla’ moments – and she will still love you afterwards!

Book a treatment

I am going to be visiting Carol Joy for a facial before my big day to make sure my skin is in the best possible condition and having a facial treatment or massage is something else that will help prepare you for the big moment.

Plan everything in advance

You can never be too organised. Give yourself plenty of time to do things as there is so much to do! It is endless!

A weekend away

A month before the wedding, spend a night or weekend away with your fiancé. You need that precious time to yourselves.

The new Jo Malone collection will be available from July 2015 and includes: Geranium & Walnut Body Scrub 250g RRP £40 / €50 and the Lime Basil & Mandarin, Blackberry & Bay and Peony & Blush Suede Shower Oil 250ml RRP £32 / €40 More at