Bride-To-Be Diary: Perfect wedding hair with Pureology and the Neville Hair Whisperer

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When it comes to wedding hair, the glamour stakes are upped, so having lustrous-looking locks has never been more important. The daily elements, not to mention our diet and stress levels, all impact the overall health of our hair. So, if you are looking to revive your hair before your big day, I recommend trying Pureology for an at home treatment and paying a visit to The Hair Whisperer at Neville Salon.

At Home: Pureology 

This revolutionary range of colour care systems and stylers, all of which are 100% Vegan and have Dual Benefit Formulas, will dramatically improve hair condition, boost radiance and prevent colour fade. While Pureology suits all hair types, I use the Perfect 4 Platinum System.

Perfect 4 Platinum Shampoo – I simply love this zeorsulfate shampoo and I use it daily. It helps fragile, colour treated hair to retain strength and vibrancy. After the first wash, my highlights were instantly illuminated.

Perfect 4 Platinum Condition – This intense daily conditioner doesn’t just smell divine, but it will leave your hair feeling nourished and rebalanced. It detangles and, like the shampoo AnitFadeComplex formulas, it will enhance brightness and shine. If you suffer from frizzy or flyaway hair, this conditioner will tame your locks, making it effortless to create a sculpted style.

Perfect 4 Platinum Reconstruct Repair Masque – This concentrated masque penetrates into the cuticle to strengthen and rescue your hair. I like to use this masque once a week and it always leaves my hair feeling gorgeously soft and full of shine.

Perfect 4 Platinim Miracle Filler Treatment – This is a daily treatment that fills in the gaps in the hair’s cuticle, helps protect against mechanical use and will also increase strength up to 78%. For best results, I apply to wet hair before blow-drying.

For more information or to purchase Pureology products visit:

Get wedding-ready hair with Pureology

Get wedding-ready hair with Pureology

In Salon: Neville Hair and Beauty Salon

If you are really worried about the overall health of your hair and home treatments just aren’t enough on their own, look no further than the ultra chic Neville Hair and Beauty Salon on Pont Street. Ask to see Paolo, The Hair Whisperer, in his Celebrity Hair Clinic. Paolo will start with a soothing head massage, which will simulate the scalp and help blood flow, before showing you what your hair looks like when it has been magnified 600 times by a special diagnostic camera. Once he has analyzed the condition of your hair, he will tailor make a treatment based on his findings.

Paolo is full of wisdom when it comes to haircare and he prefers a holistic approach. He believes clients should start with the scalp to get healthy hair from root to tip. Like the skin on our face, one needs to regularly cleanse and exfoliate the scalp. There are some superb scalp treatments on the market, including Shu Emura and Aveda. But not every treatment has to come with a huge price tag; Paolo suggests clients make up their own remedies, such as a soothing blend of lavender and peppermint mixed with sunflower oil.

To book an appointment, call 020 7235 3654 or visit