Vita Hair boutique offers a luxurious and personal hair care service

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From blonde to brunette and fiery red to black, I once tried pretty much every shade of hair colour in the space of a year. When I found myself with Morticia Adams inspired locks, I suddenly longed for the return of my natural light blonde hue. As you can imagine, my own hair suffered greatly from the dramatic changes of colour and when I first arrived at Vita Salon on the Old Brompton Road, the owner Carlos was quite frankly shocked by its state.

Broken, dry and generally in a poor condition, I presented him with the task of returning my hair to a glossy and healthy state. A year and a half has now passed since my first visit and I can happily say that Carlos is a superman in the world of hair care. To Carlos, hairdressing is considered a form of art and his genuine passion for nurturing your locks is refreshing and endearing.


Vita Hair Salon


Vita Hair Salon is a boutique beauty destination, where a very personal service is offered to all clients. Only Aveda products are used because this plant-based hair care is natural and very gentle. Carlos carefully staggers foils highlights so that your colour lasts a long time. In fact, my trips to the salon for colouring purposes now only occur every four months, which is very rare for the upkeep of highlights and is a healthy routine that I wholeheartedly welcome.

Many luxurious hair salons have a high price tag associated to their services; however, I have always been incredibly impressed by the bill at Vita Salon. This premium and personal service is incredibly affordable and despite being priced at a lower rate than competitors, the service on offer is exemplary.


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