Top tips to help counter hair loss and hair thinning

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As we grow older, our hair becomes naturally thinner and more fragile. Colouring, extreme weather conditions and pollution can all damage our locks and also accelerate the aging process.

It can be very frustrating to see your hair reducing in fullness and we have some top tips to help you counter the thinning process and keep your locks in the best possible condition.

Damage repair… with OLAPLEX:

There are lots of conditioning treatments on the market that claim to fix your hair but none of them work as well as Olaplex. This is a secret from America and it is absolutely the best product on the market for repairing hair breakage. It is mainly used in salons but you can purchase the Number 3 Hair Perfector as an at-home treatment. It is exceptional and actively helps to repair already damaged hair.

OLAPLEX can  be found online via Amazon

Olaplex is an excellent product for repairing damaged hair

Olaplex is an excellent product for repairing damaged hair

Fake it… with EASILOCKS:

If you have a special occasion on the horizon and you are worried about hair that looks lackluster and thin, we recommend a temporary hair extension. Easilocks is the place to go if you want to create a style fit for Hollywood. The clip-in pieces are so easy to apply and you can re-create Kate Middleton’s famous half up  half down style with the help of the ‘Red Carpet’ clip in, which will provide you with thick and natural looking hair, without the long term damage that can be caused by permanent extensions. ‘Charlotte’s Miracle Makeover’ is another product to consider. This HD range can be shampooed, blowdried, straightened and waved up to 180 degrees celsius. It provides you with lots of great options and the styles are easy to create.

Prices vary according to the style of extension, visit for more details


You can create great styles for an occasion with Easilocks


Careful maintenance… at Vita Hair:

If you want to reduce the damage that you cause your hair through colouring, it is really important to try and limit your sessions as much as possible. You need an expert stylist who is used to dealing with hair loss and we recommend Carlos at Vita Hair for those who are London based. Vita Hair is on the Brompton Road and Carlos makes sure to apply highlights in such a way that you won’t need to revisit the salon for endless top ups. In fact, you can go as long as four months without your hair looking as though it needs lightening. This means you are doing far less damage when it comes to the general upkeep.

Call 020 7373 1734 or visit

Start from the inside… with Carol Joy:

Good hair starts from the inside and there are plenty of supplements on the market to help enhance its production and counter hair loss. Most of the vitamins designed to improve your hair will also assist with nail growth and skin. We love the Carol Joy Golden Millet Oil Supplement, which has its star ingredient in the name and is clinically proven to enhance the condition of the skin, hair and nails.

60 Capsules for £75 from

Carol Joy supplements help from within

Carol Joy supplements help from within

Shine on… with Lee Stafford:

Glossy hair always looks healthier. If your hair is lacking shine, you can get some extra pizzazz through the use of a shine spray. Lee Stafford Shine Spray is a high street option from Boots. It doesn’t have a hefty price tag but we think this is one of the best performing shine sprays on the market. It suits all hair types and especially thin hair because it is not too heavy and sits lightly on the follicles.

Lee Stafford Shine Head Spray costs £5.99 and is available from Boots