The Lift gives you a very effective non-surgical face lift

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The Lift is one of the miracle products available from Eternal Cosmeceuticals and is a non-surgical face lift that really does the trick, giving immediate results. To get the best results when using this product you need to be in a relaxed atmosphere and give yourself plenty of time.

The Lift is presented in a box that contains 10 treatments and ideally the system should be used twice in the first week. The product comes with three different sachets and before applying the treatment you need to make sure you have a small bowl and spoon, as well as the application brush that comes with the set, by your side.

To create the treatment, you have to mix two of the sachets together. One is a powder sachet and this will add thickness to the fine paste that is in the other sachet to be used at this stage. Once you have created the mixture it can be applied liberally on your face and neck using an upward and outward brushing motion. The application brush provided is excellent and gives a very even coating.

The Lift

The Lift

The product must be left on your face for between 20 and 30 minutes. During this time it is really important that you try to avoid any facial movements; you will find talking impossible! After about five minutes, you will be able to feel the product getting to work. Your face will actually tighten during this time and it is probably best not to look in a mirror, as the appearance of your skin during this process is a little odd!

Once the time period has lapsed you can remove the product with warm water and pat your skin dry. Finally, the treatment is completed by applying the Finishing Crème in upward and outward strokes.

The results are fantastic. I found that some fine lines had almost vanished and the slightly deeper wrinkles appeared dramatically reduced. My skin feels tighter, very smooth and refreshed; I can’t wait to use The Lift again. I am planning a repeat later in the week so follow The Sloaney on Twitter to see how I get on after the second application.

The Lift can be purchased for £49.95 online here

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