Hide the effects of a late night with Origins Youthtopia Lift Face Firming Cream

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This weekend, I attended a ball in Surrey to enjoy an evening of entertainment with close friends. Needless to say, it was a fantastic night and we were reluctantly pulled away from the dance floor to our carriages in the early hours.

As Monday morning dawned, my face was definitely showing the after effects of rich food, one too many glasses of bubbly and not nearly enough sleep. So, I continued with my quest to find a lotion or cream that can revitalise my skin and give back that youthful glow, reminiscent of my teenage years.

With pots of potions piled high in my bathroom, the latest addition is possibly the closest I have come to finding a magic solution. Youthtopia Lift – even the name encourages flushes of optimism – is created by Origins. Origins pride themselves on producing high-performance natural skincare that is scientifically proven to work.

Origins Youthtopia Lift Face Firming Cream

The face firming cream is presented in a smart white pot and after unscrewing the gold lid, I was met with a soft scent that reminded me of a luxury spa. The cream itself is relatively thick in appearance but spreads lightly across the skin. It seemed that a little can go a long way, which is important as once I like a cream, I want it to last!

Perhaps one of the biggest selling points of this product is the anti-aging properties. I am not afraid to admit that I have been trying anti-aging creams since my early twenties; after all, it is never too early to start fighting off the wrinkles! Youthopia Lift has Hyaluronic acid, as well as the renowned Commiphora plant, both of which help lift and firm the skin’s appearance, leading to a youthful plumpness.


Following the application, my skin felt soft and nourished. The cream was absorbed quickly and I certainly felt as though my face was enjoying a treat. The subtle, elegant scent had transferred from the pot and was far from invasive.

A study has shown that over 83% of women who have tied the cream said their skin looked more lifted. After using it everyday this week, I have been very impressed with the firming results and would recommend it as a must-have beauty product to help you recover from that overindulgent social occasion.

Origins Youthtopia Lift Face Firming Cream £45 / 50ml

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