Hero Winter Skincare Product: proto-col miracle balm

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We were first introduced to the skincare brand proto-col last year. They are responsible for a collagen facemask that we truly believe is one of the best beauty products on the market for producing instantly noticeable results. The at-home treatment featured in our ‘top three face masks for restoring radiance’ following the festive season and we cannot recommend it highly enough.

Needless to say, we were rather excited to hear about another one of their hero products, the miracle balm. With temperatures plummeting across the UK, our skin really suffers at this time of year. Biting winds and freezing conditions, combined with a dose of the latest flu bug, mean skin can become irritated, dry and raw.

Miracle Balm

Miracle Balm by Proto-col

The miracle balm is presented in small pot that you can easily fit inside your pocket or handbag.  It is an intensely, rich balm that possesses natural healing properties, which help replenish and rejuvenate damaged skin. We tried it on our lips and noses and found that it make a dramatic improvement to dry or cracked skin.

Apart from having deep moistening ingredients, it is also full of vital anti-ageing ingredients such as collagen and Hyaluronic Acid. There are also anti-inflammatory ingredients, which mean that it can used as a multi-purpose product for repairing and protecting skin.

You can purchase the balm online at