Top three facemasks for restoring radiance

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If your skin is in need of some extra special care following a busy festive season, we recommend investing in a new face mask. They are the quickest way to give your complexion a boost and will help make sure that you regain a smooth glow for 2015.

So, without further ado, here are our favourite three face masks:

Proto-col Collagen Face Mask 

£39.95 for 100ml –

This is an amazing product and one of those facemasks that transforms your skin so much that you will find people admiring it. The mask contains plant derived collagen and is especially good for anti-aging. It leaves your face feeling and looking incredibly soft – this is one of our newest hero products!

Best for: A weekly brighten up – use on a Sunday evening to start the following week with a glow



proto-col Collagen Facemask


NuBo White Diamond Ice Glow Mask

£100 –

We have been fans of the NuBo luxury skincare range for a number of years. The Ice Glow Mask is a magical high impact treatment and tackles tiredness by leaving your face tingling with a cooling sensation. It is perfect for using before a special occasion and leaves you feeling incredibly refreshed and bright.

Best for: A special occasion – use it as part of your ‘getting ready’ routine for a big event



NuBo White Diamond Mask


Coconut Oil

From £5 –

Coconut Oil is a bit of a secret weapon in the beauty industry. It works wonders on your skin and hair but is probably most suited to those suffering from dry skin. Try it as a one-off treatment at first (no need to wash it off) and you may find yourself hooked on a new daily regime!

Best for: Everyday or every other day – this is especially useful to those with skin that demands constant hydration boosts