Clip in your perfect hair style with Easilocks Red Carpet

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I have experimented with various types of hair extensions over the years. My first venture was an attempt to rescue a rather extreme series of colour changes. This was during the time when I was working in fashion and had to move quickly from blonde to brown and then black to red, which resulted in my own hair almost completely falling out!

I turned to permanent hair extensions for a quick fix while my own hair took a back seat and enjoyed some much needed recovery time. However, I soon grew tired of not being able to brush my hair through properly from the actual root and I also had a nagging feeling that my hair could not really lead a healthy life while being hidden under a mop of fake strands 24 hours a day.

Easi Locks

`EasiLocks have created the Easi-in Red Carpet look which is great for a special occasion

So, I decided to try clip-in extensions and I have experimented with quite a few brands. I find the individual clips a bit frustrating at times as it can be difficult to get the length to appear even and also you have to pay much greater attention to hiding different clips. I much prefer the pre-styled half-a-head-of-hair that you can subtly clip in when you need it.

The reason I favour this to permanent hair extensions is that I normally only want a temporary fix. For example, a hair piece is great for filming in all weather conditions as your hair stays immaculately in place. Similarly, it is really handy for a night out or a special occasion when you don’t have time to get your hair styled but you would still like it to have a professional finish. The massive advantage of using clip-in extensions is that once you have finished with them, you can brush and wash your hair in its natural state, while also giving it a rest, which I think is really important for its overall care.


Laura has tested the ‘Red Carpet’ Easilocks when filming for Sloaney TV

Once you have decided on the type of extensions that you would like, there are lots of different brands from which you can choose your hair pieces. As previously mentioned, I have tried several and recently tested Easilocks for the first time.  I was so impressed with the colour match, length of the extension (not too long, so very natural looking) and the general ease of using the product that I have been won over by the brand.

The version that I tried was ‘Red Carpet’ and this is their first heat resistant synthetic hair. At first I was a little sceptical about how well synthetic hair would match real hair but it mimics human hair excellently.


The hair piece is very durable and even survived sledging when Laura filmed our latest travel feature

An easi-in cord means that when you first apply the hair piece, you can teach it to remember the shape of your head. This allows you to apply it even more quickly when you use it again. If you apply it roughly one third (or slightly less) of a way down the back of your hair, you will be able to gently tease a layer of your own hair to sit over the join and hide any signs of an extension. I often find the best way to merge an extension with your own hair is to wear a ‘half-up, half-down’ style, similar to Kate Middleton’s wedding hair.

The Red Carpet and Superstar hair pieces by Easilocks have been designed with awards season in mind and to help you replicate an A-lister look at home. However, the Red Carpet style is slightly shorter and therefore perfect for daytime use as well. I have been so impressed by the product that I am definitely going to browse the rest of the range and stock up on some more ‘easi’ hair styles!

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