Beauty Treat of the Week: Aqua Boost for your hair by Organic Care Systems

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Although our recent heat wave may have been short-lived, the sunshine and humidity is likely to have taken its toll on our hair. With this in mind, The Sloaney’s latest Beauty Treat of the Week will help replenish your locks and give them a glossy boost.

‘Aqua Boost’ shampoo and conditioner has been created by Organic Care Systems. Loved by a number of actresses, including Rachel McDowall and Neve Campbell, the products include healthy ingredients such as Oat Seed extract, Sugar Cane, Lemon, as well as Apple and Beetroot extracts. The Oat Seed in particular focuses on improving the surface of the hair, which makes it easy to comb. I certainly felt the results of this ingredient and after I used both products my hair seemed silky, with my brush gliding though without encountering any knots or tangles.

Aqua Boost shampoo and conditioner has been created by Organic Care Systems and will leave your hair glossy

Aqua Boost shampoo and conditioner has been created by Organic Care Systems and will leave your hair glossy

Lecithin is another vital component of the products and coats the hair, whilst sealing any protruding cuticles. This means the surface becomes smoother and also feels significantly softer than pre-wash.

Considering my hair is regularly subjected to highlights, I am always on the lookout for a product that will give a boost to the shine, so that it doesn’t appear too dry or tired.  Many hair products contain salt, which actually strips the colour, however; this shampoo and conditioner uses wheat protein instead, which protects and prolongs colour. Both products lived up to expectations and performed very well, leaving my locks looking glossy and healthy.

The fragrances are also 100% natural, and I found the scent of the Aqua Boost particularly appealing. It was feminine and subtle, yet remained in my hair for the entire day.

Aqua Boost Shampoo & Conditioner is available for £10.95, with the Reconstructor costing £11.95. The range also includes ‘Power Build’ and ‘Status Quo’ versions. Herb UK also has a range of in-salon treatments and ammonia free colour. To find your nearest Herb UK salon or stockist, contact +44 (0) 1590 613 490 or visit Travel sized versions can also be purchased. 

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