Beauty Buzz: Jerome Russell 4-Step JPLEX uses bond building technology to repair hair

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The winter months are particularly harsh on our hair. As the temperatures start to plummet, the moisture levels in the air also drop as well. This means that hair can become brittle and dull. The dry air sucks moisture from your strands, which is far from helpful if you want to have shiny and healthy-looking locks for the festive period. The winter months are also bad for static and scalp problems too, but these issues can all be countered with some help from the Jerome Russell 4-Step JPLEX range.

While salon treatments can really assist with boosting the health of your hair, it is also important to reinforce some extra TLC at home as well. Using an intensive treatment at home can really help maintain condition and the Jerome Russell 4-Step JPLEX range is an all-in-one solution.

Jerome Russell 4-Step JPLEX

The whole set includes a specialist bond primer, shampoo, conditioner and maintainer. This a four step system, where each product plays an important role in providing the best end result and they should be used together. The primer is applied before the shampoo and conditioner, with the final step involving a leave-in spray that helps to maintain the improvement.

The Bond Building technology that is used in this range is focused on enhancing the condition of hair by reinforcing and strengthening bonds. It works to help repair the hair follicles and provide more strength. We particularly like the leave-in treatment, which contains heat protection up to 230°C. While this should be used as part of the system, it can also be used as a standalone product. You can spray it on after you have washed your hair, but also before you style your hair at other times too.

The Jerome Russell 4-Step JPLEX range has everything that you need to give your hair a thorough treatment in the comfort of your own home.

Available from Superdrug for £30 for full range

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