Corfu: Dive into crystal clear seawater at Marbella Corfu

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If you are seeking an extra dose of sunshine this summer, the Greek Island of Corfu (Kerkyra) ticks lots of boxes for a European getaway. Not only is the climate excellent throughout the summer months, but the island also boasts extremely calm seawater, which lends itself well to snorkeling.

One of the most popular places to stay on the island is the Marbella Corfu Hotel. This is a large luxury beach property that is located on the south east coast and it welcomes families and can accommodate groups. It provides lots of entertainment options within the complex. It is also popular with some couples and the private beach boasts spectacular views of the mainland.


The decked area by the beach

An extensive decked area by the beach allows you to enjoy the best of the sea. The decking stretches from the coastline out into crystal clear water. From the decking, you can dive into the calm water with your snorkel and swim with beautiful fish and sea creatures. The beach area is certainly the main highlight of this hotel. However, the venue also boasts several swimming pools and Jacuzzis that provide an alternative option for water babies.

This year, MarBella Corfu has launched some brand new suites to add to its substantial collection of rooms. These suites have been designed to offer guests some additional space. The new Junior Suites are equipped with a terrace that has a private pool, which is ideal for those who want to take some time away from the vibrant atmosphere in the shared areas. Some of the suites also include a whirlpool and panoramic view of the coastline.


The main pool at Marbella Corfu

There are many dining options on site at Marbella Corfu and the La Terraza overlooks the sea. This is where most guests choose to enjoy breakfast but there is also a buffet meal served during the evening. For those who want to enjoy a different type of dinner experience, the Comodo Italian restaurant captures the essence of Italy. It is located within the exotic gardens and has a pretty interior.

Marbella Corfu is a popular choice for those embarking on an all-inclusive experience. However, there are also many additional activities available.  If you want to have an active break then trekking, kayaking and watersports are all offered. You can also try activities such as table games and archery. Guests are invited to embark on biking and sailing tours, which enable you to explore the island of Corfu.


The island of Corfu has beautiful scenery

It is also easy to hire a car and venture through some of the countryside. This is definitely worthwhile and visiting some of the key destinations in the north part of the island is highly recommended.

Kassiopi is particularly pretty and it is considered to be one of the most affluent villages on the island. Kassiopi is a popular place to visit for lunch and the fishing harbour is surrounded by villas. Fresh fish is served at many of the restaurants as well as more traditional Greek food. The Greek people are very friendly and welcome the many British visitors that pass through this village.


Dining at Marbella Corfu

Another place that should certainly be visited is Palaiokastritsa. This village is located in the north west of Corfu and offers stunning scenery. The bay is spectacular. In fact, it has been suggested that Corfu is the mythical island of the Phaeacians. Furthermore, the bay of Palaiokastritsa is supposed to be the place where Odysseus met Nausicaa for the first time and the scenery will certainly encourage you to reflect on Greek mythology. The water is bright turquoise and dazzles in the sunshine as it crashes against the iconic rocks.

The sea views are exquisite in many parts Corfu and they differ around the coastline. Marbella Corfu offers one of the best aspects with the hills of the distant mainland adding an extra dimension to the vista. This island is definitely a place to visit if you enjoy admiring stunning scenery, embracing still seawater and relaxing in a warm climate.

Find out more about Marbella Corfu online or by calling  +30 26610 71183-7. British Airways provide Business Class flights to Corfu throughout summer.