Discover Alaska on a Pelorus Yacht Expedition

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As travel restrictions begin to ease in many places around the world, new opportunities are presenting themselves. Our travel correspondent Patricia Bech will be highlighting some of the best over the coming months as we navigate through these challenging times.

If you are keen to start exploring the world again as safely as possible, there are some exciting opportunities on the horizon. For something unique, the Pelorus Yacht Expeditions team has been working hard to create adventurous experiences that will help to inspire those longing to travel this summer.

If you are worried about travelling, the company has a newly appointed Covid-19 Travel Advisor on hand to help ensure that guests can travel safely, while enjoying a spectacular and remote yachting destination such as Alaska.

Dr Helen Evans RGN is highly experienced and has contributed extensively to the review of national guidance for the UK. This means that you can benefit from expert guidance.

Alaska, Patricia Bech Article

It will help you to feel as safe as possible while considering embraking on an incredible trip. This is important during these difficult times and a key part of any experience.

With picturesque fjords, unexplored woodlands and immense glaciers, there is plenty for the inquisitive explorer to enjoy in Alaska. It will certainly reignite your love for travelling. I have some insider tips of the best experiences that are available as part of such a trip…

Patricia Bech’s Insider Tips

Remote Heli-Biking

Great for isolation, I suggest you touch down in the remote Alaskan backcountry with your bike where you’ll cycle gentle ridge lines or icy glaciers for a whole new biking experience.

Wreck Diving

Dive amongst king crabs, huge lingcod and wolf eels in Resurrection Bay, as you search for wrecks in this deep and sheltered fjord.

Off-grid Rafting

Another remote experience involves flying to a hidden riverbed, accessible only from the air, where you’ll pick up the pace rafting Class II+ rapids through narrow rocky cliffs.

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