Cannes Special: The best beach clubs in Cannes

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With summer in full swing, we are running a Cannes special and will be featuring all of the best bits about this wonderful holiday destination. The long sandy beaches are a highlight of this part of the French Riviera. They are packed with great hospitality destinations and here is our pick of the best beach clubs in Cannes, to suit every need.

The luxury beach club: Annex Beach

Among the best beach clubs in Cannes for the luxury traveller is Annex Beach. It is situated in a prime spot on the Croisette, with views of the Carlton Hotel as part of the backdrop. The loungers are superior in comfort and those on the front row will enjoy super soft Versace towels. A spot on the front row is priced at €125 per lounger and the prime positions sell out quickly.

For lunch, guests can visit the restaurant, which has striking interiors that have been designed by legendary architect Jacques Garcia. The décor is inspired by the cave of the Borromean Islands Palace. However, there is lounger service for those who simply don’t want to leave the uninterrupted views of the Côte d’Azur.

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The child-friendly beach club: Vegaluna

For those who want to enjoy the beach club facilities with a family, Vegaluna is the place to go. Like Annex Beach, it has a very good position on the Croisette and sits in front of the famous hotels and designer shops that line the street. Not all beach clubs are set up for children; however, when you are considering the best beach clubs in Cannes and young children are with you, Vegaluna is hard to beat. It even has its own kindergarten area, which includes slides and toys.

Best beach clubs in cannes

At lunch, there is a kids menu and part of the restaurant is dedicated to families, which makes it a very relaxing dining experience for all. The adult food is also delicious and includes fresh seafood and many French favourites. It is the extra touches though, such as the kids lollypops at the end of the meal and the very friendly serving staff, that ensure this is a very special beach club for all of the family.

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An off the beaten track beach club

Around the corner from the prime Croisette setting and past the helipad, is another area of beach clubs. These are slightly off the beaten track and not so obvious as the other spots. They offer greater sea space for swimming and the beach is closer to the restaurants. L’Alba is particularly impressive and the restaurant offers beach dining in the evenings. It is essential to book this in advance because they have a limited number of spots on the sand that are available and it is a very special experience.

Photo (c) Gilles

The loungers are considerably less expensive to use during the day at this spot (starting at €27) and it is worth the extra walk if you want a slightly more casual and discreet experience. The waves become more and more impressive in size as the day progresses and people swim here until late at night.

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The celebrity beach club

For a unique experience, which makes for an incredible day out, a visit to the island of Sainte-Marguerite is a must. The island is located a short boat ride from Cannes and hosts the renowned restaurant La Guérite. La Guérite also has a beach club and loungers can be hired for the duration of the day (€150 each). La Guérite is popular among those who are looking for a dining experience away from their yacht and it attracts the rich and famous.

la guerite is one of the best beach clubs in cannes
Photo (c) Gilles

Only last week, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones were joined by Tommy Hilfiger for lunch here and Elton John has been known to visit often. Musicians entertain guests during lunch and will play requests for your table. Those booking loungers can also enjoy excellent swimming off the rocks and we recommend making the most of the restaurants early speedboat transfer and enjoying an entire day here.

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The best beach club in Cannes for sundowners

When The Sloaney team first arrived in Cannes, it was about 7pm. Having been travelling all day, we wanted to get our first sense of the sea air and embrace the surroundings. We visited C Beach for sundowners on the sand. The sofa area is relaxed and equally as good for couples as it is for families.

This friendly club is also reasonably priced and the service is excellent. Products from Chateau Léoube can be enjoyed and their rose is drinking particularly well at the moment. The menu offers a good lunchtime and evening experience, with the loungers also popular for the entire day (€40-60).

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The Sloaney Junior Verdict

“I liked playing with the toys on the sand (Vegaluna)” – Michael, aged 2

“I also liked playing with the toys on the sand (Vegaluna) and swimming in the sea when we were close to the water on the front row (Annex Beach). One of my favourite things though was the island (La Guérite) because I could look for crabs in the rocks and swim easily in the sea without there being as many waves. The band also played Bear Necessities and then Baby Shark for my little brother at our table during lunch. That was really good!” – Rose, aged 5

Reporting: Laura Toogood

Photography and photo sourcing: Gilles

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