Snuggly bath time with Cuddledry

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When people ask me for my recommendations for their newborn there is one I always make – get a Cuddledry towel for bath-time. I recall those very first days bathing my baby girl. She was so calm and relaxed in the water. It was bliss. “It must be a familiar sensation to when she was in the womb” we cooed in the comfy bubble of early parenthood.

Then we took her out and she screamed the place down, the bubble burst and we felt dreadful. What could we do in those few minutes before she was relaxed again in a cuddle? It wasn’t a long time but it really made us question is it worth it? For those few contented minutes in the water which you could tell she adored. Were the following seconds/ minutes of what appeared to be some kind of hell worth it?


We persevered doing our best to calm her down after every bath-time and then I discovered Cuddledry at The Baby Show. Cuddledry designers, Helen Wooldridge and Polly Marsh, shot to fame in 2007 after appearing on BBC’s Dragons’ Den, especially when they decided to turn down several offers of investment. I chatted to Polly at the show and she immediately understood my pain and the guilt I felt which is why she created the original Cuddledry apron baby towel “to create a stress-free baby bath-time”.

The very next bath-time I used the Cuddledry towel and hand on heart it was like having a different baby. My daughter felt instantly comforted and was no longer in shock/ hell as I transferred her out of the bath. I couldn’t believe it. The original Cuddledry baby bath towel is actually designed like an apron so mummy puts it over her head before taking baby out of bath, which adds another layer of safety and security. No wonder this towel is multi award-winning.


My baby is now an 18 month old toddler going on 21 years with a fierce independent streak. She has outgrown the baby towel so I was delighted to try out the toddler towel that she had progressed to. The toddler towels come with added cuteness of ears. There’s a selection of styles and colours. I tested the ‘Cuddlepaw’ a recent collaboration with the WWF which Cuddledry support through the sale of product. This super-soft towel complete with leopard print and ears could not be more adorable. Not only did it live up to my expectations from the original baby towel but each time we use it I still bask in cuteness and my daughter loves wearing it.

Made with ethically sourced cotton and soft bamboo it’s the perfect garment to snuggle up in before bedtime. There’s plenty of material to wrap them up in and a handy popper under the chin to keep the hood up as they toddle around. Other designs include a dinosaur, a giraffe, a cow, pink or blue and this very snuggly bunny.


Suitable from when they start walking up to 3 years old these towels are also great for after swimming or on the beach on holiday too.

Cuddlepaw Toddler Towel is £34.00 from