Mum-to-be Diary: Hallelujah! A good night of sleep thanks to the Soak and Sleep pregnancy pillow

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Week 30 and counting

This week I am celebrating my first decent night of sleep for a long time! Sleep started to become a bit of a problem as soon as Baby decided that playing football in my tummy at 4am was a fun hobby. Also, waking up to go to the loo in the middle of the night is another factor that prevents the continuous snoozing.  

That said, it hasn’t just been the prominent kicks and need to empty my bladder that have been preventing me from sleeping. As I have progressed further through the pregnancy it has been more and more difficult to find a comfortable resting position.

Pregnancy pillow 1

Backache is part and parcel of pregnancy and it doesn’t seem to let up at bed time. With your body growing so much and the weight distribution changing it seems that different areas become sore depending on the position that you lie in. You are also supposed to try and sleep on your left side if possible because this is the best angle for both mum and the baby. At times I feel as though all I want to do is sleep flat on my back but this can be dangerous and should be avoided.

Until now, trying to sleep comfortably in the safest position has proven near to impossible and I have become increasingly frustrated by the lack of rest time at night. This all changed a few weeks ago though thanks to the arrival of my new Sleep and Soak pregnancy pillow. I can triumphantly say that the Soak and Sleep pregnancy pillow is a lifesaver and it has resulted in my first peaceful night of sleep in weeks!

The pillow is technically known as a body pillow and it is 5ft long. It has been designed to support any part of your body and it is not just used for pregnancy. It is also used to help with a range of conditions that can interrupt a comfortable night of sleep. It can be placed under your legs to take the pressure off your back or wedged in front of you to relieve pressure from that area. It can also be used between the knees to help hip, leg and back alignment. It is even useful for giving extra comfort during breast-feeding.

Pillow CoverI have found it brilliant as a pregnancy pillow, mainly because it is so versatile and you can use it in a range of positions to help it support various areas of your body. I lie with the Soak and Sleep pregnancy pillow wrapped around the left side of my body so that it gives extra comfort and support. This way, you get some extra pillow for your head, Bump can enjoy some too and it also lies between your legs to make it more comfortable to sleep on your side. Because you are more comfortable, you are less likely to roll on to your back in the middle of the night too, so you will stay in the safest position throughout the evening.

If you are struggling to sleep well during the final trimester or any other period of your pregnancy, I can’t recommend the Sleep and Soak pregnancy pillow highly enough. It helps provide extra comfort and it is also so good for snuggles! Before I tried a pregnancy pillow, other mums-to-be joked that it would replace my husband once discovered… and now I see what they mean! It definitely has priority in our bed. He is rather jealous of it and wants one too!

Until next time,

Your Resident Mum-to-be x

The Soak and Sleep Body Pillow is available to purchase online and costs £26