Mum-to-be Diary: Baby skincare products and bath time essentials

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23 weeks and counting…

I am approaching the six month mark and now it seems that time is flying. I remember the first few weeks of pregnancy felt like they passed very slowly and the due date seemed ages away. Now I can’t believe that there are only a few months left to go until Baby arrives.

I had Easter in my head as the best time to really start thinking about baby products and the essentials that I would need to stock up on for my first time as a mother. However, I have already discovered a few helpful bits and pieces, particularly for bath time and general skincare.

One such item is the Cuddledry. This is a pretty well known item among the Mum Community and many people have said that it is a vital piece of kit. The Cuddledry is a baby bath towel that has been designed to help you bathe slippery newborns with ease.

The Cuddledry

The Cuddledry

The Cuddledry has won many awards, including one from Mumsnet, and its unique design basically leaves you with two spare hands come bath time. This makes lifting much safer when your baby is wet. The Cuddledry itself is made from unbleached cotton and natural bamboo fibres, which means that it is silky soft and really warm for the baby.

When it comes to bathing Baby, I have also been researching the best products that you should use and there are plenty of good high-street options. Lloyds Pharmacy do a special everyday Mother and Baby Shampoo, which is gentle to the hair and scalp and they also have a Baby Bedtime, which is very soft for the skin.

Meanwhile, Chantecaille has the fabulously luxurious Chantecaille Bébé line. It uses plant-based ingredients and is designed to transform bath time into fun time. The range includes the gorgeous Flower Petal Hair and Body Wash. This sweet-smelling, organic wash is infused with soothing orange blossom and chamomile floral waters. It is also extra gentle and includes aloe vera and a special blend of coconut lipids among the recipe.

The Chantecaille Bebe range

The Chantecaille Bebe range

The range has another excellent product in the Wild Moss Rose Extract Body Lotion. This gently nourishes your baby’s skin and it is just as luxurious as the entire Chantecaille range – you will fall in love with it from the moment you see the packaging!

I am trying to be as organised a possible in preparation for the new arrival. So, whenever I decide to stock up on new baby products, I am placing them in the nursery so they are separate to everything else in the house. The nursery is a work in progress but as time marches on I need to think more seriously about all the essentials that I need, in order to make this a lovely home for our new arrival.

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