Mum Diary: The first steps of learning to ride a bike

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Little ones love to copy their siblings or grownups. I have enjoyed many cycle rides with my toddler-aged daughter, but she has been safely tucked into a bike seat. She loves whizzing along paths and quiet streets, while enjoying great views from up high and avoiding the hard work that comes with peddling.

However, she has started to imitate lots of things recently, and this includes an inclination to be in charge of two wheels. Everything Mum does, she wants to do!

Learning to ride a bike is an important milestone for many children and Decathlon has a great range of bikes that suit different ages. For the very little ones, there is the B’Twin Runride 500 balance bike (£44.99). This is a great starter bike and it is suitable from the age of two.

It is a smart piece of kit and something that every toddler would be proud to own. It looks very similar to a normal bike and even has its own braking system to give a great sense of control. However, the peddles are absent and the child controls the pace of the bike by using their legs on the ground.

This luxurious but practical bike is really easy to put together and it has adjustable handlebars that can be changed according to the size of the child. The handlebars, along with the saddle, adapt to growth spurts and these can both be moved to accommodate different heights.

This is the perfect first bike as it looks like a grownup bicycle but it has been designed to give your child the best introduction to cycling, in a safe and fun way. Decathlon’s range of bikes for children is excellent and they have stepping-stone products for each stage. For little girls, the Unicorn Bike is the ideal follow-on, and this suits those between the ages of three and four and a half.

View the whole collection here