Mum Diary: The new gb Vaya i-Size is a luxury car seat that ticks all of the boxes

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There are car seats and then there is the gb Vaya i-Size. This new addition to the gb Platinum collection is in a league of its own and it presents parents with the ultimate luxury car seat.

As a busy new mum, I am always racing around the place with Baby in tow. Whether it is dashing to the supermarket or heading off to baby swimming classes, we spend plenty of time in the car. Car journeys have been transformed thanks to the arrival of the gb Vaya i-Size. This is a seriously slick piece of kit and raises the bar in terms of product quality. It boasts a clean and stylish design, while also incorporating the best safety technology available in the form of Energy Reduction-Technology. This helps to reduce forces on the neck in the awful event that you should suffer a head-on collision. It means that the neck has limited exposure to the impact forces.

One of the best features of the gb Vaya i-Size is the rotation capability. It spins all the way around to face you and the car door for when you put Baby in the seat. This makes such a difference when it comes to placing your child in the car. When the car seat is fixed, I find you spend ages fiddling around with straps – which often become twisted – and bending your arms backwards to try and get Baby safely strapped in. The 360° rotation mechanism on the GB Vaya i-Size removes all of this hassle and means the seat can turn around to help you get better and quicker access to your child. The rotation feature is an absolute must and worth its weight in gold. Baby certainly approves of this – she started smiling a while ago and beams with joy when she swivels in her car seat!

GB Vaya I-Size

In addition to this fantastic, parent-friendly feature, the GB Vaya i-Size also impresses in the comfort stakes. The seat itself is soft and welcoming and the straps are secure but also very malleable, which helps give Baby a luxurious ride.

Thankfully, the Vaya i-Size car seat can be used from birth until the age of four because I can’t see my little one wanting to move out of this luxury car seat in a hurry! The innovative design means that your child will remain happy in the rear facing position and have enough leg room to remain this way for as long as possible (ideally up to the age of four). The car seat also provides protection that grows with the child and you can change the head rest and straps as required.

While it has been designed to give its passenger an excellent ride, the GB Vaya i-Size has also been configured with the parent in mind. Apart from the wonderful rotation feature, it is very easy to fit and has a “One-Click” ISOFIX, so you can’t go wrong when installing it in your car. Lots of the usual fiddly details associated with car seats have been improved and even buckling your child into the seat is easier thanks to the magnetic clips that help to keep the harness straps at hand.

The gb Platinum brand is led by experienced figures in the marketplace, including CYBEX founder Martin Pos and the founder of Goodbaby, Zhenghuan Song. For those of you looking for a car seat that surpasses others, you should look no further than the GB Vaya i-Size. The outstanding safety technology means that you can travel the roads providing your child with the best possible protection in impeccable style.

I cannot recommend it highly enough and everything about this product impresses. It is a dream to use and utterly faultless. The design exudes luxury from a visual point of view but also from a practical perspective too. The gb Vaya i-Size is an exceptional piece of kit.

Read more about the gb Vaya I-Size online: It is stocked at various outlets across the country and can also be found at Mothercare and Natural Baby Shower. In Lux Black it retails for £400, with other colour versions available from £375.