Running Mum: Facing the elements in the right kit

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Our Editor Laura Toogood continues her running diary as she trains for a nine mile cross country race with a pushchair in tow…

I have been busy training hard since my last running diary entry. The weather has been particularly unpleasant in recent weeks and so having the right kit has been essential. Last time I wrote about the wonderful Britax Revolution Pro, which is a pushchair that has been specifically designed for running with a baby but is also excellent when used on challenging terrain.

The pushchair has excelled in the recent weather conditions and the nifty rain cover has kept my little one dry and protected from the wind. It charges through puddles and has even coped with slippery mud on tracks. This high-performance pushchair is ideal for running with a baby. It is also like a portable nest for my Little One and she is very cosy inside. That said, I am still conscious to keep her as warm as possible, especially when we head out for a couple of hours at a time.

Running with a baby

Keeping baby warm

Earlier this year I wrote a feature about skiing with a baby and one of the best pieces of equipment that I took to the mountains was a Canada Goose snowsuit. It kept her warm and snug even when the temperatures dipped below minus 20! Sadly, she has already grown out of it, but I recently ordered a bigger size to use at home.

While we don’t get anywhere near as cold as a ski resort, this suit seems to keep her at the perfect temperature and I don’t have to worry about her at all. Sometimes it is easy to forget that while you are huffing and puffing away, your baby is not moving in the pram and can get very cold. So, if you are thinking about going out running with a baby in a pram, the rain cover – even when it’s not raining – and a snowsuit are both really important.

Investing in decent trainers

When it comes to equipment, it is not just Baby that you need to think about. Trainers are a bit of a bugbear of mine. I find they wear out really quickly and it can be very frustrating when you invest a lot of money in something, but it only lasts a few months.

However, that is the name of the game when it comes to running shoes and I have learnt over the years that you cannot compromise on this part, unless you want to subject yourself to a possible injury. I went to a shop called Running Bath that specialises in shoes for athletes; some stores will conduct an evaluation of your style using a running machine and various technology. I have done this in the past, but on this occasion, time pressure meant that I just trusted the gut reaction of the specialist. My trainers have a great grip for both on and off road exercise and they are really comfortable.

Going the distance

During the last few weeks, I have been gradually building up the distance. My competition run is nine miles long and across very undulating countryside. Muscle memory has helped me graduate through the distances relatively easily and I am taking it slowly this time in terms of speed. Over the weekend, I managed a 10.10 mile run and felt fantastic afterwards because I went at a leisurely pace.

When training, I always prefer to exceed the race distance if possible. This makes it seem a little easier on the day and it also helps mentally. With about six weeks to go, I know that I can do the distance now, but I would like to try a few more ‘big’ runs and I will also need to fit in some hill training too.

Follow the Mum Running Diary here. We have partnered with Britax for the Running Mum Diary and the Revolution Pro is available from Amazon (RRP £555.50). Canada Goose snowsuits start at £375 and can be purchased online and are great when running with a baby. Buy specific running trainers from Running Bath.