Mum Diary: Make the most of tummy time with the Etta Loves playmat

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By Katie Ann Wiseman

I am a huge fan of anything leopard print. I just love it! So, when I was looking for a playmat for my newborn to give her a good amount of tummy time, the striking Etta Loves Playmat in this print by Kidly jumped out as being a perfect option.

For those of you that haven’t come across Kidly, it is a one-stop, easy-to-use fashion shop. Kidly sells a trusted edit of the world’s best brands and an own-label for 0-5’s. It is a perfect shopping destination for anyone with young children.

Etta Loves was created by a mum who, working with an early years visual expert, designs muslins to stimulate babies’ visual and cognitive development.

The Etta Loves range features lovely prints

The fantastic leopard playmat is not only reversible, but it has specially designed prints and colours for different baby ages. This is great for stimulation. The black and white Dalmatian side is for little ones who are between 0-4 months, meanwhile the bright Leopard side is for babies of 5 months onwards. It is educationally designed to support visual and cognitive development.

As I’m sure most mums are aware, newborn eye sight isn’t fully developed and it improves over time. Initially, babies have a very different view of the world. They can’t see in colour because the cells in their retina have not fully developed and the clarity of vision is different to ours.

It is thought that by 5-6 months, little ones have much better colour vision. This means that they will be more attracted to bright colours, rather than monochrome patterns. With this in mind, Etta Loves products come in two age ranges; 0-4 months and 5 months plus. The mat is super soft with an organic cotton outer and padded Polyester fill and comes with a nifty little band to hold the mat together when rolled up. You can also throw it in the washing machine which is ideal as 0-4 months is a particularly messy period! It’s 1metre diameter so there is ample room whether doing tummy time or play time.

The Etta Loves range is available on Kidly: