Mum Diary: Entertain babies and toddlers with the KiddyMoon Ballpit

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Finding new and interesting ways to entertain a baby is a daily chore in my household. I am always looking for new toys and activities and recently discovered KiddyMoon. KiddyMoon are specialists in the most beautiful and chic kids ball pits.

These handmade, top-quality ball pits are great fun for babies and toddlers alike. They can be customised, which is ideal if you want one to fit perfectly into your nursery or would like to find a discreet way of including a ball pit within a main living space. You can pick the fabric and also there is an endless selection of ball colours, sizes and shapes! I don’t think there is a colour scheme that is missing from the KiddyMoon palette, so there is something to suit everyone.

The ball pit can be square or round and it is made of foam. This means it is super gentle for toddlers exploring and climbing in and out, or suitable for younger babies to lie down in comfortably and safely. Every parent knows how messy little ones can be and the cover is zipped on, so that you can take it off easily for a machine wash.

I love the fact that the balls are safe and you don’t have to worry about this aspect of the toy. They are made from non-toxic coloured plastic, CE certified, 7cm round and safe for little mouths. They are light, pleasant to touch and when squeezed, they easily return to their original shape.

The ball pits are great for stimulating imagination and self-development, as well as providing hours of fun entertainment. There is also an educational aspect to this toy as it helps with sensory abilities and coordination.

So, if you need an exciting new addition to your little one’s toy collection or are thinking of gift ideas, the KiddyMoon Ballpit should definitely be on your list.

– Katie Ann Lamb

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