Yacht Chartering: The most fashionable high-net-worth holiday

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Last year we visited the Monaco Yacht Show to cover it for Sloaney TV. The Red Arrows performed a dramatic flyover to celebrate Superyacht UK’s 10th anniversary and there was a packed crowd enjoying the occasion. Needless to say, the luxury yacht scene is alive and kicking. It is also experiencing growth, particularly in the chartering area.

Simon Cowell, Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne and Rihanna are just a few of the world’s celebrities that are frequently photographed on a chartered yacht. This has undoubtedly helped make the experience become one of the most fashionable holiday options for high-net-worth families and individuals.

The increased interest in the market is being embraced by the likes of Sunseeker, which is a renowned British luxury motor yacht manufacturer. They have seen a huge surge from customers recently who want to charter Sunseeker Yachts around the world and Sunseeker Charters now helps to satisfy the demand.

Whether you are planning a luxury trip around the world or have a special corporate occasion in mind, chartering a yacht will enable you to explore a variety of destinations and also enjoy a premium experience. The concept behind the offering is that yacht owners are able to use Sunseeker Charters to manage their boats and hire them out to customers who want to experience chartering the vessel for corporate or private occasions.

Chartering a yacht is proving very popular

Sunseeker has an impressive collection of yachts

One of the most popular destinations to visit is France. Aside from the likes of Monaco and Cannes, Marseille is becoming an increasingly desirable city to visit when it comes to yacht charters. Our travel team went to all three of these destinations last year. While Monaco offers the famed Grand Prix and Cannes is equally as glamorous during the film festival, Marseille is slightly off the beaten track and a hidden gem.

With a tranquil atmosphere and pleasant weather, it provides the perfect backdrop for those looking to escape to a coastal Mediterranean city. Delightful restaurants and shops are within walking distance from the port and if you want to enjoy a special hotel stay, we recommend popping into the impressive Intercontinental Marseille for a night.

A luxury yacht means you can enjoy luxury while on the move

Chartering a yacht means you can enjoy luxury while on the move

However, the big advantage of chartering a yacht – and one of the main reasons it is so popular with celebrities – is that your experience doesn’t just stop with being moored in a location like Marseille and you are not limited to a hotel stay. For example, Sunseeker also offers bespoke packages that can encompass some of the highlights of the European social calendar.

The ultimate luxury experience could involve flying into Marseille Provence Airport to be collected by a Rolls Royce Phantom that will take you to Marseille Marina. The next stop could be the Monaco Grand Prix or, if you are a Sunseeker client, you can create your own itinerary with the captain.

Sounds divine 🙂

You can watch our film from the Monaco Yacht Show here and also read about Marseille in our travel guide. Visit the Sunseeker website if you are a discerning yacht charter customer or telephone +44 (0)1202 381 111.