Tips for travelling with just hand luggage

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If you have a wedding to attend on foreign shores during the last weeks of summer or are simply flying away on a short overnight trip, limiting your packing to hand luggage only is probably a priority.

It always gives you a great advantage when you land the other side as you can escape the airport without having to wait for the bags to be delivered to the carousel. It also makes it really easy to get around at your destination as you only have one bag to worry about.

However, packing light can be a challenge and it is a worst nightmare for some people. With this in mind, we have some top tips to help you keep everything to a minimum.

Take one pair of versatile shoes

Gucci Horsebit Crocodile Sandal £465 from Harrods

Gucci Horsebit Crocodile Sandal £465 from Harrodss

If you can avoid packing more than one pair of shoes this is ideal. Shoes are bulky and always take up a lot of space in a hand luggage bag due to their shape. However, if you have a substantial pair of heels to wear for a special occasion this maybe unavoidable. Wear a pair of flip flops and carry the heels to the airport in a throwaway bag. Then swap them at checkin and pop the flip flops in your bag – they should slide in easily.

Take a travel beauty kit


Sepai Starter Kit – £63 from Selfridges

It can be easy to keep cosmetics to a minimum but not so easy to pack your skin essentials. You absolutely must take care of your skin when flying and we absolutely love Sepai’s starter travel bag. The kit has everything you need to keep your skin in tip top condition. It includes richer versions of Sepai’s serum, eye cream and moisturiser of the anti-ageing line RMI5. It is suitable for all skin types and will make sure your skin is nourished.

Wear layers

Wear layers to the airport as this is a brilliant way of transporting as many items of clothing as possible for your stay away. While you don’t want to go overboard, it is pretty easy to add subtle layers with tops, shawls and cardis.

Travel with pockets

When it comes to picking your airport outfit, make sure you include a light overcoat that has some pockets. When you are under pressure to travel lightly, some extra pocket space can prove really helpful. For example, you may be able to free up some space in your luggage by keeping your wallet and keys in a pocket.

Leave your laptop at home

he new Apple iPad Air Wi-Fi 64GB is unbelievably thin and light

The new Apple iPad Air is very thin and light – available from Selfridges £559

Rather than pack a laptop, rely on your iPhone or iPad. They are much smaller and should also prove handier when you are on the move. Even the lightest laptops come with power leads and these can take up a lot more space than you think!