The Wonderful world of weaning

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Just when you think you have the baby thing down there’s always something new and the latest for me has been the wonderful world of weaning.

There are so many things to think about – highchair, bibs, sippy cups, freezer pots, highchair, baby steaming and blending machines, recipe books, spoons that change colour, pouches, tins, highchair, snacks, advice, baby-led weaning, purees, and did I mention highchair?

I decided to wait until the current NHS recommendation of six months to introduce solid foods to Little One [LO]. I say current because in the past it has been four months and there’s quite a discussion among parents and grandparents.

I mainly chose to wait because once you start that’s it and I was already feeling the limitations of a ‘routine’, as LO was settling well into her nap times. I also was rest-assured by the guidelines that she’s getting everything she needs from her milk up to the age of one.

Anyway, back to the highchair. This is, first and foremost, the biggest decision when it comes to weaning. The highchair market, like most baby products, is saturated with a huge variety of options. To me though, it comes down to two…

The Tripp Trapp, a wooden, adaptable chair by Stokke or the Antilop, a plastic static chair by Ikea. If you want something easy, useful and cheap, get the Antilop. If you want something a little bit different, that’s beautifully designed and could be used by your child from day dot well into their adult life, choose the Tripp Trapp. It’s a chair that comes right up to the table so that your baby can eat with you as well.



Tripp Trapp

The design is so simple and effective, inoffensive and sleek. Living in a London flat where space is a premium, this was a crucial factor. I can’t abide stand-out plastic high chairs with their legs and trays taking over the place. If you have the space or can hide them away, fine, but our ‘dining’ area is also our kitchen and lounge. That’s open plan living, after all.

Miraculously the Tripp Trapp is actually like a piece of furniture that belongs in that room and comes in an array of statement colours because it wants to stand out. We have it in ‘Lava Orange’, which matches our swivel lounge chair and the modern décor.



The Tripp Trapp looks great

I have to put my hand up and say that, for me, the number one reason for choosing the Tripp Trapp is the ‘look’. First launched over 40 years ago in 1972 by Scandinavian company Stokke its good looks aren’t the only thing going for it. The intelligent design allows for adjustable positions to grow with your child, ensuring a comfortable ergonomic experience with the moveable seats and footplates. The fact that the chair is pushed right up to the table means that your child can be part of those important family meal times from the beginning.

As I started using the chair from six months, I use the ‘Baby set’ – a colour coordinated plastic addition that fits into the main chair. I even built this chair from scratch and that was simple too. You can even get the ‘Newborn set’ which means that your brand new baby can join you at the table for family meals. I didn’t feel the need for that being a first-time mum but I would consider it if we added to the family.


The wonderful world of weaning – she loves her Tripp Trapp

From the start LO enjoyed being in her chair and it was great fun watching her reaction to new tastes and textures (still is). We took it slowly, not wanting to rush it. She then had a no purees phase and wanted to do it all her self. They call this baby-led weaning, which I wasn’t too keen on at first but I didn’t really have a choice as LO would keep her mouth shut and shake her head at my lovingly-homemade purees.

We now do a mixture. In the morning she will let me feed her but after that she is little Miss Independent. She loves feeding herself whatever bits I put in front of her on the table and the Tripp Trapp is perfect for this, I love being able to sit next to her as we both eat.

It is coming up to LO’s first birthday and she is so happy in her Tripp Trapp. You can tell at the heart of the company’s philosophy is the best interest of children. They focus on the importance of having a sense of connection with our loved ones to feel safe and secure. It is also great for playing at the table in and we will be doing more arts and crafts in it in the coming months.


The Tripp Trapp

This chair has become an iconic piece of furniture that is built to last. The Tripp Trapp is made from Beech wood and currently comes in nine different colours. It is free from bisphenol and phtalates and they use water-based, non-toxic paint.

I am looking forward to the months and years ahead using the Tripp Trapp. Both my husband and I enjoy making and eating dinner and want it to be the core of our family life, creating strong values and bonds.

It is a very comfortable seat for adults too, perfect desk seat for the office!

Tripp Trapp® –  The chair that grows with the child.™ From birth.  For more information please visit Tripp Trapp £159.00, Baby Set £47.00, Cushions £33.00, Table Top £45.00, Harness £29.00, Newborn Set £75.00