The world’s most luxurious Easter egg

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High-end jeweller Shawish has teamed up with a master chocolatier to create what could be the world’s most luxurious chocolate Easter egg ever. The Shawish Easter Surprise is an edible luxury available exclusively at Harrods and retailing at £28k.

This exquisite chocolate egg, handcrafted by Geneva’s award-winning chocolatier Philippe Pascoët, is made of the finest chocolate blended with intricate, handmade, 65% Venezuelan chocolate ornaments and gold dust to decorate the outside.

Shawish Easter Egg

The Shawish Easter surprise

Hidden inside the egg is a dazzling diamond pendant hung on an 18-ct white gold necklace. The jewel, from Shawish’s magic mushroom collection, reflects Mohamed Shawesh’s signature taste – to create magical marvels reminiscent of childhood.

This luxurious pairing of chocolate and fine jewellery is the result of unique craftsmanship, bringing together two partners. Pascoët, to handcraft this edible – and above all, delicious – ‘Easter Surprise’ and Shawish Genève, to develop a jewel case that can be personalised and customised. You can customise your egg with a choice of chocolate finish (purple velour, gold blush or diamond dust) and your own personal greeting, both inside and out.

It is available at Harrods

It is available at Harrods

Mohamed Shawesh, Founder and Designer, says: ‘The Egg hunt at Harrods London is like celebrating the sweet taste of Easter with a magical touch and a dazzling surprise. Shawish is the agent provocateur of the Haute Joaillerie, centered on storytelling, desires and Alice in Wonderland.’