Racing: Frankel fathers his first foal

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We have some exciting news for racing fans across the globe! Frankel, the world’s greatest racehorse, has fathered his first foal. The mare, Chrysanthemum, delivered the newborn colt on the 11th of January 2014. The foal was conceived on Valentine’s Day last year and the excited owners at Coolmore believe he has his father’s looks.

This first descendent of the mighty Frankel will not be tested on a racecourse for at least two years but he could already be worth several millions of pounds. It is predicted that the foal could fetch a record-breaking £6 million, in the unlikely event of a sale.

Frankel retired after an illustrious career, during which he was unbeaten in 14 races and earned over £4 million in prize money. At £125,000 a pop, Frankel’s ‘services’ are priced to match his success. If his progeny produce the goods on the track then his value could climb even higher than the current value of £125 million.