Ohso: The good chocolate!

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Now, for those of you who simply cannot give up chocolate, my latest discovery will have you queuing up outside your nearest Whole Foods. It’s called Ohso and it’s a chocolate bar that is gluten free but also contains good bacteria and nutritional values.

OhSo Chocolate

OhSo Chocolate

If you are not ready to give up chocolate, then I suggest you swap your usual sweet fix for Ohso. Ohso contains around a billion good bacteria and is three times more effective than most of the dairy drinks that are on the market. One 13.5g bar can have positive influences on you digestive system, while the 53% cocoa Belgian chocolate will still give you that instant feel good factor we crave in our standard chocolate bars.

Each bar contains 63 kcals, so you can enjoy it without feeling too guilty. Flavors include plain, lemon, orange and raspberry. It is a must try for those wanting to enjoy a healthy treat every now and then!

Ohso is available at: Ocado, Tesco Nutri Centres, Boots, Holland & Barrett, Whole Foods and Harvey Nichols.