Matcha: The latest healthy lifestyle craze

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One of the latest crazes for those seeking a healthy lifestyle is Matcha, the finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea. For those who want to hop on board and experience the benefits of Matcha, BLOOM have a selection of different flavours that are available exclusively in Harrods.

Just 1g of the powder a day in a drink or meal of your choice can give you extra energy. It can also help to strengthen your immune system so that you are better prepared to face the cold and flu season.

Bloom have a Matcha range available in Harrods

Bloom have a Matcha range available in Harrods

There are several different powders in the Bloom range and each have certain benefits. The Nutrifusion Matcha can be whisked into juice, smoothies or a mid-morning latte and contains many antioxidants.

Meanwhile, the Powerdrive Matcha is naturally high in fibre and protein so it is regularly used by those with an intensive exercise regime.

The Bloom Matcha range is available at Harrods and starts at £16.99