Hoover Announces New Products for 2014

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Hoover would like to announce to readers of The Sloaney that they have a selection of progressive new products that are now available for the home. The Hoover Unplugged cordless appliances range is already proving popular with customers and has plenty of advantages, including ease of use, which means the products are a good investment.

Hoover Unplugged

Hoover Unplugged

The wonders of cordless vacuum cleaners start with the fact that these home appliances can be used just about anywhere, anytime. All you need to remember is that the unit itself must have a fully-charged battery for maximum use.

Some of the benefits, as outlined by Hoover, of not having wires connected to vacuum cleaners include:

  • Faster speed – without a cord to get in the way, cleaning open and tight spaces becomes easier.
  • A safer environment – since there is no cord to deal with, the risks for injuries caused by tripping over and getting tangled with cords are removed.
  • Cleaner results – the cordless vacuum cleaner can be easily manoeuvred in virtually all spaces, cleaning every nook and cranny.

One of the most attractive elements of Hoover Unplugged vacuum cleaners is their lack of wires during operation. This means they are very mobile and portable. Aside from the fact that the Unplugged vacuum cleaners have a sleek design that features bold colours and a slim profile, they are also equipped with functional features on the inside. Such features include: roomy bin capacities that make it possible to vacuum large areas with ease; washable HEPA filters that capture and trap most of the airborne household allergens, such as dust mites faeces, pollens, and pet hair; LED battery status indicator that indicates the power level in the long-lasting battery.

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