Grace Belgravia launches The Three Graces

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By Natasha Eddery ¦ Senior Features Writer

Grace Café is about Food Nirvana, Californian-inspired cuisine that is at once both divinely delicious and totally healthy. Up until now food at Grace was a well-kept secret, served just for members. However, May 2014 saw the launch of The Three Graces, a new and exclusive food services for London’s health conscious, which consists of the Grace Deli’Very, Grace to Go and Your Grace.

Created by the Grace expert team of nutritionists, environmental specialists, GP’s and supreme chef duo, Sophie Wright and Keith Kellier, the Grace mantra and concept of ‘inside out beauty’ drove the creation of the luxury food offering. The gym team has ensured sufficient calories and protein for clients on a training package, the in-house nutritionists validate a nutritional balance for weight loss goals and the Grace doctors provided expert dietary advice. Furthermore, their expert team of therapists have made sure that all ingredients are in line with the advice that they give Grace clients who are on treatments from cellulite reduction to skin programmes.

Grace Belgravia

Grace Belgravia has launched The Three Graces

The Three Graces champions integrated healthcare, recognising that every aspect of health and wellbeing requires input from a cohesive team to get the best possible results. Introducing, The Three Graces:


Grace Deli’Very

Grace Deli’Very offers access to the delicious, healthy and vibrant food served in the Grace Café, delivered right to your door. With six menus, each designed to satisfy certain common modern dietary requirements; each menu consists of three healthy, balanced meals and two snacks per day.

Wellbeing: The Wellbeing Programme places emphasis on the provision of proteins, in particular amino acids, otherwise known as the building blocks of life. This Programme aims to boost overall cellular function throughout the body, thereby leaving you feeling fit and healthy.

Vegan: The Vegan Programme provides the opportunity to eat a balanced vegan diet and is designed to ease digestive imbalance, thereby encouraging a gentle cleanse of the digestive system.

Cleanse: The Cleanse menu is free of gluten, dairy and refined sugar, elements of the everyday Western Diet that a large proportion of people find hard to digest, whilst portion sizes are reduced. The programme is perfect for those who want to give the digestive system a break through a gentle cleanse of the system.

Fitness: The Gym and Kitchen Teams have worked together to create a delicious and functional menu that provides adequate protein to support and enhance your training regime. When combined with the Grace gym packages, clients see exceptional results.

Functional Health: The Functional Health Menu has been designed by Grace’s team of medical experts, which combines highly nutritious and easily digestible foods to give a boost to overall health and wellbeing. High in Probiotics, the programme will support the colonies of good bacteria in your gut as well as increasing energy levels and overall feeling of wellness.

Soup and Juice: Also available for vegans, this programme is designed to give the digestive system a real rest and is perfect for those who are looking for a gentle cleanse of the system. Grace recognises the importance of warm food in aiding digestion and thus, has created their own spin on the traditional juice cleanse but including delicious and nutrient packed soups. All of the juices are organic and cold pressed to retain maximum nutrient content possible, whilst the soups are crammed with ingredients that will aid and support the physiological cleansing process.

Grace Belgravia

Grace Belgravia offers a delivery service


Grace To Go

Grace to Go allows Grace Members and visitors to take all that Grace goodness out into their world and spreads the Grace world to the local area. Featuring fresh, vibrant recipes taken from the Grace Cafe, these healthy, balanced meals will perk up any business breakfast or lunch or simply rid of the 3pm slump. Open to non-members, this service is currently open to local businesses in the neighboring area.


Your Grace

Lastly, Grace introduces Your Grace, bringing the Grace experience into your home. The Grace chefs create their culinary magic in the comfort of your own home for dinner parties and entertaining. Ideal for special occasions, the Grace Chefs help to design a bespoke menu that is perfectly suited to the occasion.  They will then come to your house on the day alongside waiting and serving staff to make sure that the event runs seamlessly. Wine and soft drinks can also be supplied and all of the cleaning up is part of the service, leaving the client with nothing to worry about other than enjoying the experience, the Grace way.

Natasha Eddery Trials Grace Deli’Very ‘Cleanse’

While all the options in the Deli’Very are mouthwatering, I opted for the Cleanse. As a sufferer from IBS, Grace thought the Cleanse would ideal for me because, not only would it provide nutritional benefits, it would give my digestive system a break.

The Cleanse consisted of freshly made soups and juices, all of which are freshly prepared on the eve of collection or delivery. These products must be refrigerated between 0-4°C and eaten as directed.

My diet consisted of:

On Waking – Lemon in hot water – this prepared my body for the Cleanse by kick-starting my digestive system.

Breakfast – Energizer Juice – liver cleanse, circulation Beet, carrot, ginger, lemon

Snack – Jax Coco Water

Lunch – Raw avocado, cucumber, spinach and parsley soup with wheatgrass and toasted seed

Snack – Immunity Juice, Apple, spinach, cucumber, mint, green tea

Dinner – Tom Yum Soup – This Thai inspired soup includes carrots, fennel, lemongrass and ginger, to name just a few of the delicious ingredients

Throughout the day – I drank plenty of water and herbal teas to aid the detoxification process

Grace Belgravia

Grace Belgravia offers different meals to suit your dietary needs

At first, I didn’t think that just drinking these delicious juices and soups would be enough to keep me going throughout the day, but I was wrong. After just one day, I had more energy and my stomach, which is very temperamental, felt soothed and pain free, which any IBS sufferer will know is a rare and wonderful occurrence.

Grace Deli’Very delivers between 6pm and 7.30pm the evening before the day for which the food is intended. Find out more: The postcodes that Grace delivers to are as follows: SW1, SW3, SW5, SW7, W1, W11, W14, W8, NW8, NW3 

Prices per day: Wellbeing £47.50; Vegan £42.50; Fitness £50.00; Cleanse £42.50; Functional Health £47.50