Flowers that last a whole year

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We all love receiving flowers. Whether they are a romantic gift or just a thoughtful present, they bring a smile to your face. While fresh flowers create a great initial impression, their lifespan is limited. For those who want to give flowers that will last much longer than the usual bouquet, Personalised Lux Flowers by Prezzy Box are worth considering.

These flowers will last up to a year and give a unique twist to this traditional gift. Curated by design specialists, the signature style is contemporary and elegant. With matt black or white boxes to pick from and different coloured coatings, they’re ideal for any occasion and will last the test of time.

Prezzy Box

The artistry in preserving each and every petal is a lengthy process and ensures the flowers require no water. So there is no need to keep an eye on the vase or have the hassle of throwing away dead blooms a week after their arrival.

Sourced ethically from a flower farm in Ecuadour, lux florals help to build better lives for the hard-working growers behind them. The roses are handmade to order and ideal for proposing, celebrating a special occasion or surprising someone.

You can view the whole range here: Personalised Lux Flowers. Prices from £29.99 to £92.00 at