Create a bespoke scent at Jo Malone to capture your wedding memories

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‘Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.’

My moment was when I was asked by my best friend to be her Maid of Honour and that memory has created a journey that we are presently sharing.

With three months to go before she says those famous words, ‘I do’, my role has become a full-time job (well at least it feels like that). Over the next couple of months I hope to share with readers of The Sloaney some of my experiences as a ‘MOH’, including how to organise the perfect Luxury Hen Party and the best presents. First and foremost, I have been on a mission to find a special bridal scent.

Jo Malone

Jo Malone offers a bespoke wedding fragrance service

Scent is not just a smell; it can lift your mood, stir up old memories and evoke romance. This is captured perfectly by Jo Malone and the luxury brand offers a fabulous service for any bride-to-be. It consists of a complimentary personal consultation to help you dress the venue with a scent, select bathroom accessories, choose gifts and create the ultimate special touch by allowing you to do all of this with your own bespoke scent. So, not only can the bride wear a magical perfume but the wedding itself can too!

Using a scent to add another dimension to your wedding can enhance the theme and style of the occasion, as well as create a unique personalisation. When Kate Middleton planned her wedding to Prince William, this particular aspect was high on her list of priorities. Jo Malone assisted Kate in ensuring that the scent of the day reflected her personal tastes through a combination of candles, room fragrances and toiletries.

Kate Middleton created her own Jo Malone scent for her wedding

Kate Middleton created her own Jo Malone scent for her wedding

Following in the Duchess of Cambridge’s footsteps, I booked an appointment to visit the Jo Malone store on Sloane Street with my bride. Upon arrival we were greeted by Caroline Harrison, who manages the boutique. She was accompanied by Alice Bartley, who was our consultant.

We were welcomed with a glass of ice cold champagne before being taken to the “The Tasting Bar”. Alice began by asking the bride to describe her wedding and all of the key features, including the colour scheme, location and a little bit of information about the dress (without expecting her to divulge any secrets). The attention to detail was astounding and this helped inform Alice’s fragrance recommendations.

The attention to detail is impressiveThe attention to detail is impressive

The attention to detail during the appointment is impressive

While I would like to keep the chosen scent a secret until the bride-to-be’s big day, I want to share the following tips and insights from Caroline and Alice that will help others hoping to design their perfect scent…

  • Orange Blossom is the most popular bridal fragrance as it represents love and fertility.
  • It is really important to choose a scent for your Groom that balances yours. Interestingly, everything at Jo Malone is unisex.
  • Once you have selected your scent, you should create a fragrance routine for the big day. Make sure everything you apply to your body is the same. Start with the body wash and also make sure to spritz your towel with your scent. Next, apply the body creme or lotion (creme is better for hot climates). Finally spritz yourself and also the dress by layering the fragrance for maximum impact and a longer lasting result.
  • The Jo Malone Sloane Street boutique exclusively offers a Hand Engravement Service on the silver lid of the candles and fragrances. This means you could personalise gifts for your bridesmaids, with initials or the date of your special day.
  • The Tasting Bar can accommodate up to 8 people for a bridal consultation. Jo Malone can find a bespoke scent for the bride and for the rest of the bridal party. You also receive a hand and arm massage with your chosen scent!
The Jo Malone Orange Blossom is a very popular wedding scent

The Jo Malone Orange Blossom is a very popular wedding scent

After an insightful and very enjoyable consultation, I can now confidently agree with one of Christian Dior’s most famous quotes, ‘It is as important for a woman to have beautiful perfume as it is for her to have beautiful clothes.’

The magical appeal of Jo Malone lies in the fact you can personalise your scent and allow it to capture all of your memories from the big day. I would definitely recommend booking an appointment to any Maid of Honour and bride-to-be. It is an excellent experience and the service is truly immaculate.

Personal consultations are complimentary and you can find out more information by visiting Jo Malone on Sloane Street or on the website

Katie is currently preparing a feature about luxury hen parties at home. To contact her about this feature or any other Maid of Honour related articles you can email