Box Upon a Time – A Christmas Shopping Fairytale

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With the month of December comes the joy of Christmas and if you are anything like me – the not-so-joyful Christmas shopping! With phrases like ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’ created by the media to whip us all up into even more of a festive frenzy than we already are, it can leave one slightly bah humbug! I do not wish to crush the Christmas spirit, far from it. Giving and receiving gifts should be very joyous. If you prefer your bargains with a little more panache and sophistication than fighting over TV sets in a supermarket then you will love my latest discovery ‘Box upon a Time.

Box Upon A Time

Box Upon A Time

Imagine giving or receiving a box direct to your doorstep with three plus outfits for your little one all from luxury boutique brands. Each piece having been carefully handpicked by a stylist based on your personal preferences. And the best bit? Each item is discounted by up to 60%.

Box Upon A Time

Box Upon A Time presents a box of outfits

Rather than fighting the crowds or sifting through the best online deals this really is the more refined way to source your discreet designer discounts on children’s clothing. I have never been an ‘I love shopping’ kind of gal, even since the birth of my daughter I have not been bitten by the shopping bug. I know people who cannot walk past a boutique selling baby clothes without going in, but not me. Perhaps it’s because I do love good quality products that if I were to enter I would want to leave with the entire contents of the shop.

‘Box upon a Time’ follows the recent trend of disruptive e-commerce shopping, which is particularly successful in the beauty and make-up industry. With companies such as Glossy Box and the American Birchbox providing a more personalised shopping experience (each month they send you beauty products to try out based on your profile). For me the idea of receiving 3-4 key luxury pieces for my daughter each month, or each quarter is ideal. No decisions just beautifully designed and made clothing direct to my door.

To make sure the stylists don’t get the items tragically wrong you fill in your fashion profile for your child. It’s fun picking out what your child (you) like and don’t like. So rest assured a pink tutu will not show up if you complete your profile to say ‘no pink’ and leave that you prefer the ‘Rock’ style.

Box Upon A Time

Box Upon A Time allows you to make suitable selections

Inside all of us is a big kid still screaming to get out and there is nothing quite like the excitement of a box full of surprises. Especially surprises that promise designer and luxury brands.  Therefore when my box arrived, beautifully branded, I could not wait to see what was inside.

In my ‘Gold’ box I received;

A gorgeously presented T-shirt with collar in Rose by a French brand ‘Popecha’. They specialise in timeless collections in organic cottons, raw silks, cashmere and merinos, all perfect for delicate young skin. Each item is made individually and hand stitched in their own workshop. Although coming up a little small this item was my favourite in the box.

Box Upon A Time

Popecha T-Shirt

A sumptuous cardigan in Fawn by ‘Toffee Moon’. The collection is designed around the principles that every mother will relate to – precious, practical soft and comfortable. True to their words this cardigan is so soft and comfortable and my daughter loves wearing it. The colour is also beautiful and this will become a staple item in her wardrobe. Well until she grows out of it!

Box Upon A Time

The fawn cardigan 

And another T-shirt from another French brand ‘I Talk Too Much’ with this as the fun slogan on it. This T-shirt was a similar hue to the others so goes well with the cardigan. This brand matches comfort and elegance for a casual, yet chic look with a bit of character and fun thrown in for good measure.

Box Upon A Time

‘I Talk Too Much’ T-shirt

All in all the total value of my box was £90. With three monthly options to choose from Silver £29, Gold £49 or Platinum £69, or quarterly options there is something to suite everyone’s needs.

You can also gift a box as a one off or an ongoing subscription this could be the happy ever after you have been looking for this Christmas.

‘Box upon a Time’; Popecha talk too much Moon