BerryClever: The social shopping site created by mums for mums

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With the Royal arrival we find ourselves asking again ‘What would Kate do?’

There has been much speculation on what baby must-have’s Kate will be using for our new Princess, Princess Charlotte. With exotic gifts from around the world being bestowed I am sure even Kate secretly turns to google for reviews and advice.

The baby market is truly saturated with the latest baby gadgets. Once my baby was born I thought we had everything we needed, at least all the big things, but as it turns out you need more and more and more and more. They say you spend a staggering £229,251 raising a child up to 21 years old and mine is only 9 months.

BerryClever stocks lots of products

BerryClever stocks a variety of products

Right now we need a new car seat and a new stroller, turns out buggy/ pram all-in-one travel system is just too bulky now. We are often taking trips in the car, so I need something lightweight that’s easy to put up and down. Do you know how many different types of Strollers there are out there? Well, I didn’t until I started looking. Then there’s the highchair, the activity station, the travel cot. Not to mention the smaller things, all the weaning paraphernalia, the teethers, the toys. How do you know which ones are going to be best for you and for your baby?

I am lucky having sisters and friends with little ones but sometimes I feel I need to stop bugging them and ask around. My NCT group are fabulous too we meet up regularly and have a What’s App group to share top tips, useful info or ask each other for advice.


BerryClever is a new shopping site

Now I have discovered, BerryClever, a new social shopping site created by mums for mums. They have built a community to which other mums can turn to and trust to share their quick views on baby stuff. Quick is the key word here, as who has time to read through a long review, or hundreds of them. These reviews are no-nonsense, to the point being only 150 characters long. Like a tweet. It also means that as well as looking for reviews on something you are more likely to write a quick review and share your own knowledge and experience.

I like to think of myself as quite frugal but I can hold my hands up and say I have wasted money on buying stupid baby things I really had no need for. BerryClever also have a feature where they will try and get the product cheaper than the price advertised. What’s not to love?

You can also invite your friends to join BerryClever, that way you can see reviews from the people you know and trust most of all, without having to constantly call or message them.  For every friend that joins, BerryClever donate £1 to ‘Spread a Smile’, a charity dedicated to improving the time spent in hospital by seriously ill children.

It is a slick, friendly easy to use site and as more and more mums spread the word to use it I can only see this community increasingly becoming the go-to place.

You can join BerryClever for free by visiting their website: