Almost Essential: Connecting you with the City’s essential services

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What if you could raid the little black book of some of London’s most fashionable hostesses? They would be filled with the numbers of the best florists, plumbers, artists, decorators, chefs, dry cleaners, children tutors and personal trainers…

These numbers are normally swapped (and guarded) by close circles of friends. However Michelle de Biolley, a well-heeled European lady, is changing that with her business Almost Essential. Michelle explains, “I have come to realise over the years that the only recommendations that count are those from friends. The internet is a great source for ideas but when something goes wrong, you’re on your own.”


Almost Essential is providing a vetting service so that there is no longer a need for customers to do the research themselves. Exemplifying a discerning taste and desire for quality, each service provider is carefully tested before being included among the approved suppliers.

The site currently offers over 90 services, across categories including Home Maintenance, Home Decoration, Home Management, Entertaining and Health and Beauty. Additional services include access to educational, cultural and travel specialists. They also have compiled a list of unusual presents that you can buy on their website, like your favorite London building in 3D plaster.

Find out more at or by phoning +44(0)7788140370