XHose Pro: The ideal garden accessory for an Indian summer

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By Jon Charles

A dry September and Indian summer seems to have become a trend in recent years. Forecasters are currently predicting that temperatures will be higher than average for the next few months, which means that we should experience some beautiful weather as the leaves begin to change colour during autumn.

While the temperature maybe cooling at night, it is still peaking in the mid 20s during the day and therefore your garden or roof terrace needs plenty of TLC to remain in bloom.


Gardens need plenty of TLC during a warm autumn

Watering plants and vegetables can be an arduous task, especially if you have to fill up a watering can an endless amount of times! However, we have discovered a great garden essential that is designed to ‘minimise your stress and also maximize your space’.

The Xhose Pro is a revolutionary expandable hose and a helpful garden assistant, which is now in high demand. It may sound slightly strange to call a hosepipe stylish but this black, lightweight, soft garden accessory looks very modern and will blend in with a contemporary garden. We can certainly see it sitting well in many of the designer gardens that we saw earlier in the year during our visit to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

The Xhose Pro

The Xhose Pro

The Xhose Pro is famous in the gardening world for being non-kinking, non-tangling and non-twisting. We definitely recommend trying it out and hopefully the Indian summer will give you plenty of opportunity to make the most of it.

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