With a spring clean comes a new fragrance

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Spring is just around the corner and along with an annual ‘spring clean’, it is also a great time to change the fragrances in your home.

You can swap the rich wintry smells of cinnamon and pine for lighter fragrances such as honeysuckle or exotic coconut blends that will remind you of a restful summer holiday.

Lilou et Loic

Lilou et Loic – Room Diffuser 

While it may be relatively easy to identify your favourite seasonal smells, picking a good scented candle or diffuser can prove difficult… there is quite an art to getting the right blend and suitable strength. While no one wants to have a weak scented candle that fails to make an impression, it is also important not to go overboard with anything too potent.

We recently tried the Lilou et Loic room diffuser, which is perfect for your living room or study. The elegant packaging is very impressive, which also makes this product a good gift (we’re thinking about Mother’s Day already!). We tried the Orange & Cedarwood version, which mixes various citrus notes. It is a great fragrance for the transition between months at this time of year. It brings together a woody aroma which is reminiscent of the festive season, but mixes this with a fresh and fruity scent to merge the best of both seasons together.

Lilou et Loic

There are lots of different Lilou et Loic scents to try

The holder itself is stylish and also relatively understated, which is vital for a room diffuser as they should appear elegant but subtle. The design also ensures that the fragrance is released consistently and at the appropriate level.

We have been really impressed so far; the zesty Lime and Basil version also sounds amazing, so that will be the next one on our list to try!

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