A restful night with Soak and Sleep

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A number of factors can give you trouble sleeping at night. The temperature of the room, the amount of light, noise, too much caffeine… and so on! However, one of the most influential factors for getting a good night of sleep is your bed linen.

When you stay in a plush hotel you will often find that sleeping is no problem, thanks to the presence of beds that often feel as soft as clouds! Needless to say, if you can bring that level of comfort to your own home, it is likely to make a huge difference to your sleeping pattern.

Soak and Sleep Luxury French Linen

You spend half of your life in bed so we think it should be as comfy as possible! 

Seeing as you spend nearly half of your life in bed, we think this is a place that deserves to be as relaxing and welcoming as possible.

With this in mind, The Sloaney was recently introduced to Soak and Sleep, which is a company that offers a wide-range of bed linen options to suit various needs. From beautiful Mulberry Silk sheets to 600 thread count linen, impressive mattresses and allergy protectors, Soak and Sleep has something suitable for everyone.

Soak and Sleep

Soak and Sleep also offer a whole host of products to suit every preference

We fell in love with the French Linen range, which is perfect for the warm summer months and, quite frankly, a recipe for deep sleep. It is very soft on your skin and you can even use the duvet cover without a filling during the really humid evenings.

The French Linen is non-allergenic fabric that is made from natural flax and it comes from the French-Belgian border. It looks suitably stylish and would also be great for guest rooms.

Soak and Sleep Luxury French Linen

The Soak and Sleep Luxury French Linen range is our favourite

Not only does the linen feel very gentle, but it has a gorgeous tousled look that welcomes casual wrinkles. This makes it even more inviting come dusk and also means that it is low-maintenance in regards to ironing!

As you can gather, after trying the range it gets a big thumbs up from us and comes highly recommended.

Soak and Sleep’s Luxury French Bed Linen is available from their website: where you also view other collections.