Sleep well with luxury bedding by Nimbus  

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Seeing as we spend half of our lives in bed, luxury bed linen is probably one of the most worthwhile investments for our homes. In fact, The Sloaney team consider the quality of a bed crucial when travelling around the world and it can make a five star hotel stand out from the crowd.

However such an experience is not only reserved for holidays and you can have the same at home.

Nimbus Bedding

The new collection by Nimbus is very comfortable

Finding a luxurious duvet and pillow set can make a huge difference to your sleeping pattern. The Sloaney was recently introduced to the new Nimbus Emporium Collection and this is the latest addition to Trendsetter Home Furnishings, which is the UK’s largest international supplier of duvets and has an industry-leading portfolio of brands.

The new Nimbus Emporium collection is focused on natural quality bedding and the Gold collection uses 100% A1 certified Hungarian Goose Down, which is encased in a 420 thread count pure cotton cover. The filling is incredibly soft and acknowledged around the world as one of the best duvet fillings, mainly because it is also very light. It is particularly good for those who move a lot in their sleep as the texture allows it to gently glide over your body and, although it is delicate, the warmth it provides is not compromised.

Nimbus Bedding

The Nimbus Emporium Collection has a Gold, Silver and Bronze range

We tested some of the new range and definitely recommend considering it for your bedrooms. The pillow is like a fluffy cloud beneath your head and the duvet is very snug.

After a night of sleep with the Nimbus Emporium Collection you will feel as though you have woken up in a five star hotel.

Nimbus Gold range pillows are priced at £200 and the duvet is from £350. There are also toppers available starting from £200. Visit to view the full range.