Serving the perfect cheese board

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A good cheese board is crucial for a dinner party. It normally becomes the centrepiece of your table at some point during the evening, so investing in the best serving board and suitable knives is worthwhile. It is also important to provide a diverse selection of cheese and the presentation can make this course very impressive.

Here is our guide to creating the perfect cheese board for your next dinner party…

Cheese Board

A good Cheese Board is essential for a dinner party

Presentation and Preparation

Pilgrims Choice have shared some of their top tips for producing a wonderful cheese board with readers of The Sloaney:

– Decorate the board with some edible wild flowers, herbs or seasonal leaves

– Char-grilled vegetables, dried fruit, apples, fruit cheeses and pickled walnuts work well with almost all cheeses

– Traditional chutneys provide a scrumptious accompaniment to the cheese, but make sure the flavour isn’t too strong and one is usually enough

– Avoid over decorating with additional nibbles, you don’t want the cheese to be overshadowed

– Make sure the cheeses are all around the same weight

– Serve the cheeses at room temperature – this allows the cheese to breathe and reach its full flavour

– Offer a range of textures and tastes by choosing different types of cheeses

Pilgrims' Choice

Pilgrims’ Choice have a wide selection of cheeses


The best cheese board and knives

We love the Laguiole Olivewood Cheese Knife Set (£279), which is available in most premium stores, including Harrods. The knives are globally renowned and intricate metalwork runs down the spine of each handle.


Cheese Knives (£279)

When it comes to picking the best base for your cheese, the Large Rustic Board from Cheese Works is perfect for serving this course (£110).

Cheese Board

Cheese Board (£110)

Add a special cheese

Everyone has a different favourite when it comes to cheese and you should serve a diverse selection to suit all taste buds. However, if you want to add something really special, Paxton and Whitfield have recently created a Truffle Brie that has been flying off the shelves. It has proven incredibly popular and has a powerful flavour. You can purchase it from most stores and there is now a new shop on Chelsea Green.